Fight Gone Bad — I’m Official

As you know, dear readers, I’ve been busting my butt since the beginning of the year, eating like a champ and working out six days a week to get in the best shape of my life. I’m fitter and leaner than ever — and that means I’m more grateful than ever to be healthy.

On September 27, I’m participating in Fight Gone Bad. It’s a very challenging workout hosted here in Austin by CrossFit Central to raise funds for two great causes: the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Big hugs and kisses of thanks go out to my first three supporters who responded as soon as they got the email: Mom, Dad, and Richard (aka, Dinkelsbuhl Tenor)… y’all are solid gold. Thanks to them, I’ve raised $150 so far, and my goal is $500, so if you’re feeling generous, please check out my fundraising page and make a donation.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the torture, ahem… workout… known as Fight Gone Bad:

Fight Gone Bad Workout
3 rounds, 1 minute per station:

  • wall ball
  • deadlift high pull
  • box jump
  • push press
  • rowing

That’s going to be tough, no doubt about it, but fighting cancer is tougher. Thanks in advance for supporting me and this important cause.

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