Taking Cindy Outside

On Monday morning, still waking up and feeling distinctly creaky, I watched in horror as the 5:45 class workout appeared on the whiteboard. It was Cindy, and in CrossFit speak, it was “Max rounds in 20 minutes,” but to me it’s 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats… over and over and over and over and over for 20 minutes.

I wasn’t happy.

At all.

Then Carey arrived and with her: salvation. Our class was doing something else entirely.

This morning at Bootcamp, still waking up and feeling distinctly creaky, I told that story to Crystal and the gang. Salvation was nowhere to be found today.

Our workout
Max rounds in 15 minutes:

  • 5 handstand pushups (assisted by a bench; thank you, Eilers Park!)
  • 10 walking pushups (imagine Spiderman creeping up a wall and you’ve got the idea)
  • 15 squats

I finished 9 1/2 rounds, but I did every pushup with full range of motion, even though it SUCKED.

A lot.

Turkish Get Ups, five on each side with a 13-lb. kettlebell (thanks, Crystal!)


  • crunches, 60 seconds + 20 left hip dips + 20 right hip dips
  • crunches, 45 seconds + 15 left hip dips + 15 right hip dips
  • crunches, 30 seconds + 12 left hip dips + 12 right hip dips

As you contemplate the wonder that is Cindy, check out these videos:

This is Jodi. Her pushups are so pretty ! And she did 15 rounds in 20 minutes.

This is Julia. She’s a CrossFit Kid… doing kipping pullups on the uneven bars. Um… how cute is that?!

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