My First No-Scale Workout

One of the smart/great things about CrossFit workouts is that they’re scalable to any fitness level. I’ve always really loved the idea that Big Mike and I are doing the same workout, just on a different level. It’s really inspiring to know that even the superheroes do workouts that push them to their limits — and it’s motivating to know that I’ll be able to do the workouts without scaling… eventually.

Or, ya know, today.

This morning, I did the Spartan 300 Challenge workout for this week just as it was written. No scaling!

Here’s the workout:
4 rounds, for time:

  • 400m run
  • 20 lunges
  • 10 renegade rows, 20-lb. dumbbells
  • 10 push press, 20-lb. dumbbells

It took me 23:30, so I suppose if there had been a cut-off time, I would have been hosed. But since it was MY solo workout, and I was the coach, I gave myself an A+ with a bonus “You’re awesome!” at the end.

Now Dave and I are going running. Four miles today! It’s the first increase in our training distance as we work our way toward the Half Marathon in February. We’re registered for our first 10k in October, and we’re also thinking about doing the “Lost in the Lost Pines” trail run in Bastrop on October 25. It’s five miles through the trees, which sounds too good to pass up. (Here are some photos of the pines. I like the illusion that the temperature is cool.)

But now: sunshine and the hike & bike trail.

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