Dave and I are doing the Moonlight Margarita Run tonight. It benefits The Trail Foundation, keepers of my new favorite place in Austin: the hike & bike trail. The Trail Foundation just adopted a new logo and launched a new web site; check out these beautiful photos.

Until about two hours ago, it looked like we were going to have to skip the race. But the universe apparently wanted me to get a workout today, because my schedule shifted and voila! we’re running.

Dave already did his 3-mile run this morning, so for the first time ever, he’s doing a “Double Workout Day.” Hooray! And we definitely picked a great day for a run, eh? It’s 97.7 degrees out there with 30% humidity. Nothing says “run” like 90+ temps. Woohoo!

I’ve got my eye on the prize: margaritas and fajitas at the after-party.

Tell y’all about it tomorrow. Think cool thoughts for me.

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