Dave and I saw Kabluey on Saturday night at the Dobie, and my brief appearance aside, it’s a really good movie. Parts of it are riotously funny — and there were moments so painfully sweet, my eyes welled up and threatened to ruin some perfectly good eye make-up.

Scott Prendergast gives a gleefully, hangdog performance. I was simultaneously annoyed by and rooting for him the whole way… just like a beloved family member or the friend you just can’t help liking, even though you know you shouldn’t.

The story does a nice job of finding the humor and poignancy in some harsh realities: the dot-com bust, the on-going war in Iraq (and the impact on families here), the back-stabbing ladies-who-lunch, the banality of the commute-work-commute life… I know it probably sounds bleak from that description, but it’s mostly laugh-out-loud.

My scene (ahem) is pretty close to the beginning of the movie. Lisa Kudrow’s character is talking on the phone, getting the low-down on her brother-in-law (Prendergast) and his loser-ish status. When she says, “Where is he living?” his mother replies that he’s staying “with friends.” Cut to me and Tomcat glowering at poor Salman as he cowers on the couch.

And that’s it. Maybe two seconds of screen time. But it’s long enough to see it’s me, and boy! do I look mean.

Dave took a photo of my name in the credits:

Kabluey is showing at the Dobie now and will be available on DVD September 16. Go see it and support independent film!

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