Carla, Carey, Crystal, Lauren, Devon, Jeremy, Mike, Dave, and Other People Who Rock

When I first started trying to lose weight and get fit, I kept my plans a secret… like somehow people wouldn’t notice that I was overweight if I didn’t tell them I was joining Weight Watchers. I guess I was embarrassed to admit I was going to try, in case I failed — and it felt really personal.

That was a bunch of hooey.

This year, I decided to get everyone I know on my “Get Mel to Goal” team, and it’s had some pretty spectacular effects. First and foremost, it’s just way more fun. Feels like all my favorite people are involved in what’s turned out to be one of my most important projects. It’s also made it easier to say “no” to activities that don’t fit into my goals, like late-night cocktail binges or fried food extravaganzas.

And best of all, it’s meant I have an awesome support group wherever I go.

Dave is a rock at home, eating Zone meals, hitting the running trail with me, and — most generously — listening to my detailed recaps of workouts every day.

At Bootcamp and the gym, I’ve got my CrossFit superheroes (the coaches and my workout buddies) pushing me forward and keeping me on track.

Carla and me at the CrossFit Central Grand Opening Party

And I’ve got my Weight Watchers crew on Saturday morning and my co-workers and my parents during the week… Everytime someone says, “Whatcha got for lunch today?” or “What did you do at Bootcamp this morning?” it gives me a nudge to keep going.

Instead of feeling punished by “being on a diet” and “having to workout,” this whole process feels like a celebration. Anyway… thanks everybody. When I get to goal weight, we’re going to have a real party.

With Zone-friendly food, of course.

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  • bernie says:

    Mel, you look like you’ve already shattered that WW goal. From here on in I’m just going to assume you do those CrossFit workouts cuz you’re so badass.

  • Melicious says:

    Wow! Thanks, Bernie. You just earned yourself lifetime body guard services — let me know who needs roughin’ up.