3rd Spartan 300 Challenge Check-In

Tomorrow is another big day. Weight Watchers weigh-in at 6:30 a.m., then fat calipers and measurements at the CrossFit Central gym. I know that probably sounds horrible. But I’m looking forward to it because I think I’m going to see some good numbers.

I have new goals for tomorrow’s workout! As you might recall, at the last check-in, I upped the weight on the barbell for the deadlifts and the floor wipers to 65 lbs., did 30 pushups on my toes, and completed all the box jumps on a 12-inch box without walking.

Last week, Crystal did a remedial session with a few of us Bootcampers to help us sort out what we’re capable of now, eight weeks later. I’m attempting 85 lbs. on the barbell — and I’m trying not to freak out.

Here’s my goal/plan for tomorrow:

  • 25 pullups: jumping from a box with more pull, less jump
  • 50 deadlifts: 85 lbs.
  • 50 pushups: all toes
  • 50 box jumps: 12-inch box with two weight plates on top (approx. 20 inches)
  • 50 floor wipers: 85 lbs.
  • 50 kettlebell clean & press: 13-lb. kettlebell
  • 25 pullups: jumping from a box with more pull, less jump

Last time, I finished in 13:02, so I feel like I have some wiggle room for the 20-minute cut-off… but I also feel like I’m gonna need it. It’s sloooooooooow doing pushups all the way down and all the way up on my toes. And I’m definitely gonna be doing those 85-lbers. in sets of 10 (or maybe even 5).

It’s gonna be cool, right?


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