Estelle Parsons Kicks Ass

You probably recognize the actress Estelle Parsons‘s face, if not her name. I know her from her memorable appearances on Law & Order, but most people are likely know her for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar she won in 1967 for playing Blanche Barrow (Bonnie’s sister) in Bonnie and Clyde.
The New York Times ran a feature story on her yesterday because she’s playing a physically-demanding role in the play August: Osage County on Broadway.

Estelle Parsons tears up the staircase in the haunted dollhouse of a set in the Broadway production of August: Osage County with the nimbleness of an Olympian….

Her stamina may be a tribute to a lifetime of simple physical fitness for Ms. Parsons, who will turn 81 in November… She lifts weights and swims, she said, and has hiked the backwoods of her native New England for most of her life. She hasn’t smoked in many years and rarely drinks. She almost never eats red meat, save for the occasional lamb chop. She started practicing yoga about 30 years ago.

And look at this… Um. I can’t do this:

“I’ve always been a fit person,” Ms. Parsons said. “I’ve been acting all my life, and I’ve always felt you should be in shape. I’m used to devoting my whole life to the work and what it requires.”

I’d like to do a workout with this lady and hear her stories about a life spent in the theater. And, maybe, try to get her to break a few rules to toss back a cocktail.

Read the New York Times story in its entirety here.

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