Turtle Creek

Tomorrow is Saturday which means it’s Dave+Mel Run-day — and since we’re going to be in Dallas, I did a little Webbernet research to find a suitable place to earn a delicious brunch.

The Final Sprint provided “Top Three Running Routes in Dallas,” and we chose Turtle Creek.And then, because every good Saturday run deserves an equally-good follow-up breakfast, we’re going to Cafe Brazil.

From 10Best.com:
When this restaurant opened in 1991, its goal was to provide the best breakfast possible. Now with a clutch of locations, it’s evident that the mission has been accomplished. Three-egg omelets (made your way), crepes of all kinds, and tropical fruit French toast are among the offerings. They’ve even found a way to make something as simple as grilled cheese exotic – their version has asiago, Swiss, cheddar, Monterey Jack, and feta (they’ll even add avocado and tomato). Other pluses are great service and a laid-back atmosphere that attracts an eclectic crowd. Outdoor seating is available as well. Inexpensive and satisfying.

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