My Summer Goal

Or, more accurately, the Summer Goal I Recently Added To The List Of ‘Make Mel Better’ Activities ‘Cause There’s Only Five Weeks of the Spartan Challenge Left:

Watch for me to hop a railing near you soon.

Also on this list is the Hundred Pushups Program, learning to jump on the 24-inch box, and a workout schedule that looks like this:

Monday: a.m. CrossFit Women indoor class + p.m. Pushup Program
Tuesday: Run w/ Dave = Half Marathon Training
Wednesday: Bootcamp + p.m. Pushup Program
Thursday: Run w/ Dave = Half Marathon Training
Friday: Bootcamp + p.m. Pushup Program
Saturday: Run w/ Dave = Half Marathon Training + solo Spartan workout

Plus, I’m bumping up all my Advocare supplements to 2-3 times per day, and laser-beam focused on The Zone. By the end of August, I will be lean & mean, or exhaust myself (and everyone else) by trying.

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