Wagon. Falling.

Somewhere in Austin, there’s a wagon that’s missing cargo ’cause I done fell off that thing today.

Let’s recap!

1. This morning, I skipped my workout.

2. Instead of eating my usual turkey + Fiber One + milk + berries, I had an egg-and-bacon breakfast taco (and I accidently spilled water on my low-fat, whole-grain tortilla, so I ate the Torchy’s flour tortilla instead.)

3. Our client sent us a thank you gift from Edible Arrangements, and I ate 4 chocolate-covered strawberries and a chocolate-covered apple slice, along with 2 pineapple flowers and some cantaloupe balls.

4. I ate my entire (healthy, Zone-perfect) lunch.

5. There’s an ice cream party from Amy’s Ice Cream in 10 minutes in our break room.

Why, oh why, must I be an all-or-nothing girl? Where is the lovely gray? The in-between? The kinda-sorta?

[I’ve done three sets of 10 pushups in the bathroom stall so far today.]

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