Yes, I Did. Really.

I work on the 12th floor of a downtown skyscraper (or what passes for a skycraper here in the ATX). Building security won’t let us use the stairs except in case of an emergency evacuation — even though up and down 12 flights seems like a perfectly-good midday workout to me.

Building security = killjoy

So a few minutes ago, when I was in the bathroom for one of my many bio-breaks (hydrate! hydrate!), I went into the oversized handicapped stall and did 10 pushups.

Based on how often I have to go to the bathroom, I should start seeing massive improvement in my pushups soon. Bet I can do at least 50 a day.

[Ssshhhhh. I also tried doing box jumps on the heavy wooden benches in our break room. They’re perfect for training — about 20 inches tall — but it made a really loud racket when I landed on it, so that’s probably not an option. Although, I could just do it ’til they tell me to stop….]

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