It’s Just a Little PVC Pipe. Why’s It Hurt So Much?

Bootcamp was sweat-tastic this a.m. Even the sky was sweating… pathetic, wimpy water sprinkles that barely counted as “drops.” The medicine balls were slippery. Our skin was damp. The air was thick. Gloomy Gus, for sure.

Our workout
4 rounds for time:

  • 20 overhead squats with a PVC pipe (to the med ball)
  • 20 snatch with a PVC pipe
  • 20 superman
  • 3X sprint up & down the stone steps

Some mornings, I work hard. And some mornings I give it everything I’ve got. Today, I hauled ass. I was the first one finished, and I didn’t slack for a second. Every squat was to the ball. Every snatch had a satisfying foot stomp at the end. I *might* have rested for a second between the sprints up the stairs, but just a second.

My time: 13:12

Then we paired up — David + Jamie, Annie + Lauren — so I didn’t have a partner. Which meant I got to work with Crystal. Which also meant no slacking.

We did:

  • 1 round of around-the-world
  • 20 overhead med ball situps


  • 3X med ball knee slams with a sprint back to the start
  • partner knee kicks
  • partner throw & block

And finally…
2 rounds:

  • 15 leg drops
  • 30 scissors
  • 30 flutter kicks

My abs and legs were fried by the end. And I had dry grass clippings stuck all over me, like I’d been dipped in egg whites and rolled in cracker crumbs.

When I joined Bootcamp in October, I finished last every time. At everything. No exaggeration. I was always last. That’s what prompted me to adopt “Never cheat. Never quit.” as my personal slogan. I decided instead of feeling bad about being last all the time, I was going to be proud of doing every rep as well as I could. And even if it made me barf or embarrassed or tired or sore, I would finish every one.

But it’s pretty exciting to be able to do them faster now.

Me & my PVC pipe at a UTB:

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