Dave and I, in an homage to our pal Phil, have given names to the segments of the 3-mile loop we’ve been running on the hike & bike trail.

This is our path through MelanDaverLand, starting at the north side of the the Mopac bridge, running east:

Big Dog Woods
the nice woodsy start to the loop. Cool, flat, inviting.

Awkward Dip
the boat ramp that always messes up the rhythm of my feet

Three Bridges
the un-shaded, straight stretch to the Pfleuger bridge that’s too monotonous and hot (but, happily, leads to the bathroom which I almost always have to use)

The Spiral
the winding ramp near Lamar that leads to the pedestrian bridge

The Deck
another unshaded — and therefore, dreaded, spot. The pedestrian bridge over the river; my least favorite segment.

The Other Side
the shady, much-loved segment that parallels Riverside – and provides a potential mini side-trip into Bamboo Forest (a tiny footpath under bamboo fronds)

The Magic Bridge
the wooden bridge that provides the cross-over to the Zilker side of the Lake

Turtle Cove
the enchanted spot where turtles sun themselves amid fish, swans, ducks, and the occasional swimming dog

Cement Hill
the first uphill after The Magic Bridge

Monster Hill
climb, climb, climb up to the mini railroad tracks

the home stretch that borders Zilker and provides glimpses of the Mopac bridge through the trees

The Bridge
aaaah… water and stretching are just seconds away

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