222 Days

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Look! There’s a community for people running in the AT&T Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. Neato!

I did some tough (for me) running last week, and I’m pretty excited about it! Dave and I started our speed work… or at least what’s speedy-(er) for us — and we ran three days in a row, which neither of us had done before. It was challenging, but mostly fun.

Last Tuesday, we ran 4X500 meters at a pace that was one minute faster than our usual pace.

Thursday, we ran our usual 3-mile hike & bike trail loop but added 4X30-second strides at the 20-minute mark.

Friday, we did a leisurely-plus-some-walking three or so miles — on vacation, no less!

And Saturday, at about mile 1.5, I did 8X hill sprints plus tabata squats. That means 20 seconds of squats, followed by 10 seconds of rest at the end of each hill sprint. THAT almost made me barf. But as time went on, my # of squats improved. Ha! 19 | 20| 21| 21| 22| 23

Here’s a video of some cute girls doing tabata squats: http://youtube.com/watch?v=eDh1Cspl0jI

But today, not so fun. I’ve had a tummy ache for the last day and a half — too much rich food at our awesome Four Seasons anniversary get-away. (More on that later.)

I’m excited to get back to my training. There are just 25 days ’til the next Spartan 300 workout, and I want to do another hard week of training the week of the 21st in preparation.

i am sparta.

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