CrossFit Drunk

I did it. The Mel-ified Filthy Fifty. And I have photo evidence to prove it:

My toys: 10-, 15-, and 20-lb. dumbbells, dip/pullup bar, bench (for jumping), 10-lb. medicine ball, jump rope, mat, towel, water bottle

The running ladder Dave drew on our sidewalk for my warmup:

And me, after my workout:

Unfortunately, I don’t know how long the workout took me because just as I finished the jump rope — the last exercise of the workout — I fumbled to get my time and instead of holding my heart rate monitor against the sensor to switch it from heart rate to stop watch, I pressed the button. No! Dummy! That makes it turn off.

I’ve always called that dumb-as-a-rock-from-exertion condition the “workout stupids,” but last week Jeremy referred to it as CrossFit Drunk. Nice.

So I don’t know how long the workout took. But I finished it. Every single, sweaty, huffy-puffy rep. And I jumped on a 15-inch bench! Not bad. I was worried about the jumps, but I cleared the bench with room to spare. Need to get ready for the big box at the Spartan 300, so I’m not messin’ around. And as difficult as the burpees are, I love them. I do.

Things for which I’m very grateful:

1. The afternoon rain which meant it was a lovely, breezy 88-degrees during my workout.

2. Dave, for stopping in the middle of what he was doing (working) to draw a run ladder on our sidewalk — with personalization! It says “DON’T STOP” with a skull on one end, and a stop sign with a slash through it on the other.

3. I’m officially on vacation until 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, and Dave and are going to swim and run and see movies and read and nap and celebrate our 1-year anniversary.

Sssssshhhhhh… don’t tell anyone. The Filthy Fifty was really fun!

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