A Day On Which Our Heroine Gets a PR And, Separately, Unintentionally, Cheats Herself
August 18, 2010

Hormone poisoning (HP) has begun, and it's got me feeling all moody and Jane Eyre-y. Although the moodiness hasn't taken an evil form yet, forewarned...

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A PMS-Powered PR?!
July 26, 2010

Oh! Being a girl is so... interesting.Seriously. Trying to understand my brain and my body is like a daily science experiment. Especially when it's hormone...

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200 Club: Here I Come
February 04, 2010

First, the bad news: I woke up with puffy eyes and feeling sluggish. I ignored both and headed to CrossFit Central to do deadlifts to...

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I Am a Science Experiment
February 02, 2010

I'm trying to look at my current thyroid predicament as a science experiment. Eventually – say within the next three to six months – it...

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Ring(s) of Fire
September 18, 2009

While you read my report on two major workouts this week, I invite you to enjoy the Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire" as performed...

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First O’ The Month Assessment = CrossFit Total
August 04, 2009

So... how did it go this morning? I find that I'm so grumpy I can express myself only in lists.1. My previous PR on shoulder...

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This Morning, I Did Not Jog
March 05, 2009

I ran.Through the Big Dog Woods, past the two pretty girls chatting while they jogged side-by-side with matching ponytails swinging behind them, up the spiral...

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