Prague Pride 2018: A Story in Photos

Once Upon a Time…

On August 11, to be exact, my husband David, my niece Pepper, and I decided to to join in the Prague Pride parade to show our support for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. I did some research to make sure we weren’t going where we would be intruding, and we stocked up on rainbow-colored flower leis and rainbow flags and rainbow buttons at the donation booth in Wenceslas Square. I also wore my “I wanna punch you in the face with love” rings.

It was a gorgeous day made even more beautiful by rainbows everywhere.

It was absolutely impossible to not smile ALL THE TIME because it was so much fun to listen to loud music and dance in the street in a big vibe of love.

There were fancy people to kick off the parade…

… and drummers wearing balloon sculptures that made them look like peacocks.

We decided to dance along with the Amazon Music float because it had the best DJ playing mostly ’80s and ’90s pop. If you’ve never danced down the street to the biggest hits of the ’80s under a drifting cloud of glitter confetti surrounded by happy people and rainbows as far as the eye can see, what are you doing with your life?!

All of the Amazon employees on the float wore t-shirts that said GLAMAZON,  and they danced so hard the truck bobbed up and down. My videography skills are not the best, but I bet if you play these short videos, you will smile. (And respect to those cuties on the float who danced and cheered and egged on the crowd with unflagging enthusiasm all day long.)

This was my favorite sign of the day.

Much love and gratitude from us to the Prague LGBTQ community for letting us join in the party. Láska je láska.

The end.

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