Quarterly Unboxed

quarterlyMy first Quarterly box made its way into the world last week, and it was really fun to see everyone’s reactions to the goodies I picked out for EAT01. Thank you so much to everyone who subscribed! To those of you who took the time to send me a note or post on Twitter and Facebook, an extra-special thank you hug is included in this post. Dave and I were really sweatin’ the details to make sure the goodies in the box lived up to your expectations. It’s such a relief to know you liked the things we picked out for you.

Here’s a video of me unboxing our Quarterly box — it was really sweet for us to get a care package, too, even though we knew what was in it. Also, check out all that counter space in our new Vermont kitchen! The flowers on the windowsill are from our CSA Sunrise Farm.

My next Quarterly box will be shipped in November, and we picked an awesome theme. It’s going to be really fun. Don’t miss out — subscribe right here!


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