Prague Postcards: Seen On The Street

When you look at photos on my blog, and they’re good, they were taken by Dave. When you look at photos on my blog and they’re, well… just photos, they were taken by me. Here are some snaps Dave took on the street during the first few days of our trip… he has a good eye for what’s cool, no?

Like this striking couple. You know that man can’t resist giving that sassy girl anything she desires.  cutecouple

Prague is known for its marionettes, and these hand-carved puppets from Prague Marionette, are quite charming.



Small memorials like this can be found all over the city. This one was on the side of a building in Mala

Street art is everywhere.mural


As are interesting-looking people…



I regret not buying this shirt so much. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go back because I think I must have it.


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  • Nina says:

    Yay! Were you guys in the Old Town to watch marathon? (Or did you run???) We were watching it live on TV this morning and when we saw Prague from above, we realized how beautiful it is and how LUCKY we were to live there, even though it was just for a year (well, two years for my boyfriend, one and a half for me and one for us as a couple). I hope we will be able to meet next time you are there (and I know for sure you will come back in future, lol) 😀

  • Amy says:

    Hi Melissa – when you get back and start thinking about recipes, would you consider exploring a new spice? Penzey’s just sent me a sample of their new “berebere” spice – they say it’s a North African hot pepper blend. I have no clue how to use it! Thanks!

    • Melissa says:

      It is stinkin’ hot. We need you Melissa for this one. This is one of the things we LOVE about Penzeys!

      Help us with Berbere, I agree,,

      Travel safely,

  • Tara C says:

    The tiger shirt reminds me that a friend of mine saw a man wearing a shirt (I think it was in Prague) with a picture of Donald Duck that said “Donald Bird.” He says he looked everywhere for a shirt like that but, sadly, he never found it.

  • Hannah says:

    OMG is that top marionette the dude from the SAW movies? I just got nightmares all over again!!!

  • Meggin says:

    I miss living in Praha!! I mustv walked past that puppet shop a gazillion times on my way to work:) I wish Kenedlik were paleo haha, they are such good Czech dumplings!

  • Hannah says:

    Ok, I have a paleo recipe request. I was watching Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain (can’t remember which one) and they were in Morocco eating this delish concoction of eggs baked on top of some sort of tomato sauce dish? Looked to be a one skillet kind of thing…Do you know what I am talking about? I’ve looked for recipes for it, but nothing really looks quite like I remember it looking on the show…