Call Me “Ambassador”

Yesterday, I told you about Revolutionary Act and mentioned Experience Life magazine – today I’m excited to announce that Experience Life has started a Community Ambassador program, and I’m one of the six Ambassadors. I think that means I’m supposed to learn some protocols, practice my curtsy, and start listing my honorary titles on my business card, no?

Melissa “Melicious”  Joulwan
Rollergirl (ret.)
Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaire™
Experience Life Community Ambassador

I’m honored to be among this first group of Experience Life Ambassadors, and I’m thrilled to see that several of the others are committed to eating gluten free. You can meet the other Ambassadors here; I’m definitely going to be spending some time getting to know them and their messages.

Experience Life magazine does an admirable job avoiding the pitfalls of the standard health/fitness magazine, which, let’s be honest, is really just a fashion mag in disguise. (Hello, Self and Shape! I’m looking at you giving you the evil eye.) Unlike the supermarket checkout lane mags, Experience Life doesn’t make me feel bad about myself as I turn its pages. It feels supportive, instead of comparative – and I don’t end the reading experience by deeming myself somehow lacking or wishing to be “better.”

The magazine is also gender neutral. No pink-coated dumbbells for the little ladies and recipes for “man food.” And bonus: the cover never says, “Get a six-pack in 10 days” or anything remotely like that. The recent issue featured a fit dude demonstrating a workout inside, while a vibrant-, healthy-, happy-looking woman – fully clothed! – graces the cover with a horse. Headlines: “4 Happy Places”… “Mmmm, Massage”… “Yin-Yang Fitness: Balance Your Workouts For Better Results”… “Satisfy Your Soul.”

Yes, you will find grains and dairy among the nutrition advice, but there’s also an emphasis on protein and real food. The exercise pieces are pretty sound, and the overall message of the title is one I wholeheartedly embrace – the entire point of eating well and training hard it to get the most of out of this gift of life.

What does my Ambassadorship mean for you?

Every month, I’ll have issues of the magazine to share in a give away, and I get an early sneak peek at each issue so I’ll be able to share new research, ideas, and products hot off the presses. I’ll also be learning from the other Ambassadors and sharing their perspectives on health, fitness, nutrition, and wrestling life to the ground in the best ways possible. As you read the magazine and spend time on the Experience Life site, let me know what you think of it so I can pass your feedback along to the the magazine, just like a good Ambassador should.


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  • Sonya says:

    Oh, my goodness, Ambassador! Congrats! One of my co-workers brought me the magazine after her daughter sent it to her. I was scared because she and I are diametrically opposed to one another regarding diet.

    The more I read the magazine the more I liked it. Maybe she’ll pay attention to the articles since she thinks I’m full of it. 😀 So tickled to see that someone like you is involved and helping people find the path to wholesomeness and health.

    Looking forward to checking out Revolutionary Act!

  • dana says:

    This is great! I found this magazine in my doctor’s office, and really loved it. NOW I can subscribe to it not only because it’s a good magazine….but because I am supporting you!

  • Kathleen says:

    I’ll call you badassador. But really – what a fantastic opportunity. I look forward to hearing more!

  • Karen says:

    I get this magazine through my gym (who owns the magazine). Slowly but surely they seem to be moving away from conventional wisdom, endorsing intervals or sprints instead of chronic cardio, and so forth. I’ve even seem some success stories from Mark’s Daily Apple appear in the magazine. Congrats!

  • Amy in Austin says:

    Very cool! I love this magazine. EL editor Jen Sinkler is a retired rugby player and I’ve been following her blog since she played in the World Cup five years ago.

    • Mel says:

      Jen Sinkler is SO awesome. She said something very sweet about me on Tweeter a few days ago, and it made me all giddy. I’m so fortunate to be even a little part of Experience Life.