Join the Revolution

In an unhealthy society like ours, being healthy has become a revolutionary act.

I like to think I’m a punk rock foodie, and I love the idea of all of us as revolutionaries, declaring our independence from packaged food, mind-numbing workouts, and the standard health advice that doesn’t make us healthier, but merely keeps us live. So I’m pretty excited about Revolutionary Act and the magazine associated with the project Experience Life.

I have an exciting announcement to share soon about my involvement with Experience Life and Revolutionary Act, but until I can shout out the news, I’m encouraging you to check out Revolutionary Act. They’ve rounded up all kinds of experts and thought leaders in categories like Health & Wellness, Healthy Eating, Fit Living, and more. You’ll find me in the Fit Living section, along with some other familiar names: Robb Wolf, Erwan Le Corre, Mark Sisson, The Great Fitness Experiment.

Revolutionary Act is nominated for 2011 Intent Web award for best health and healthy living site – and is in second place. If you like what you see on the site, cast your vote and help the revolution grow. It was easy for me to cast my ballot because The Revolutionary Act Manifesto (PDF) and the 101 Revolutionary Ways To Be Healthy really won me over. I’ve give you a brief recap of the Manifesto below, but for the whole story, visit the site.

Being Healthy Is A Revolutionary Act

Here are 10 Revolutionary Truths:
(emphasis below is mine)

1. The way we are living is crazy.

2. There are powerful social, economic, and political forces undermining our health.

3.The time for complicity is over.

4. The resistance is alive and well.

5. Being healthy is a revolutionary act.

6. This is not about six-pack abs and skinny jeans.

7. Inaction is not an option.

8. The best defense is a good offense.

9. Forget about quick fixes.

10. Solutions in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

In my current state of mind – post AHS, cookbook writing, gearing up for Prague, daydreaming of my future life – it feels like a handful of ideas and paths and passions are converging into one giant ball of awesomeness. I’m so fortunate to have you good people to read my blog, and I’m so grateful to be part of the CrossFit/paleo/food writing communities. I’m on fire to use paleo eating, a more primal-friendly lifestyle, and determination and joy to be part of the solution to this health- and lifestyle-related muddle in which the U.S. is stuck.


Also, I’m a sucker for a catchy name, and I can’t help but think of us all running in cobblestone streets, waving flags, and tearing down the establishment  – while wearing kickass outfits, of course. Kind of like this:

All kidding about fashion silliness aside, please do visit Revolutionary Act to explore the kickass info they have available and think about casting your vote in the Intent poll. This is a very cool time to be rebellious – our bodies and our loved ones deserve it.


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  • Jason says:

    Joining the Revolution now! Thanks for the head up!

  • dr.err says:

    I dearly love this site.

  • PammieTaj says:

    Hey thanx! For me it’s about screwing the medical industry and denying them however many prescriptions a year. It is revolutionary (sadly) letting my food be my medicine.

  • Karen says:

    I love Experience Life! Excited to hear your news!

  • Lydia says:

    Well. I know where I’m going to be spending most of my morning. Thank you for the link to that website. It looks fantastic!

  • Tricia says:

    Thank you for sharing! Joined, liked and shared on Facebook. Love it. I was born too late, but I’m a hippy at heart. Great website!

  • De23 says:

    Thanks for the blast from the past! I hadn’t seen that video since probably, oh, 1991. Brings back great memories! (And it’s one of my favorite Andy outfits, despite the fact it’s really noticeable how short he is!)
    I ordered Tsardust Memories from Penzey’s a while back due to your spice list, and I love it on tons of stuff. It’s actually really good on tuna! Anyway, whenever I use it I start singing “Careless Memories.”
    So easy to disturb, with a thought, with a whisper…with a tsardust memory…with a tsardust memory…
    I’ve joined the Revolution! I hope it really takes off.

    P.S. I’m DeAnne on the W30 board (not that you can keep track of everybody!)

    • Mel says:

      Hi, DeAnne! OMG. Duran Duran turns me into a 16-year-old girl. And I do that very same thing with the Tsardust Memories. So funny! I’ve had my favorite combo (ground beef + red cabbage + spag squash + Tsardust Memories) for breakfast yesterday and today… and I was singing Careless Memories in my head while I made it.

      Thanks for geeking out over Duran Duran with me!

      • De23 says:

        I just found out DD will be in Atlanta in October – 6 hours away for me but I’m thinking about going! Geeking out, indeed.

        But right now I’m more into the Jane Eyre musical soundtrack – I love it! I think Sirens is my favorite. The other night when I was listening to it and making Eggplant F’armesean I thought, “What a Melicious evening!”
        But I’m not stalking you, really!

        • Mel says:

          If we’re going to geek out, let’s really do it. Who was your favorite DD member?

          I was 100% John Taylor.

          And yeah, I love “Sirens,” too. Also, “The Proposal.”

          • De23 says:

            I was the designated Andy fan (you know we all had to like different ones, just in case we actually got to marry them). But now, Simon for the win! Do you follow JT on Twitter? He posts a LOT.

            The Proposal! Yes, it’s a close second for my favorite.
            “Will I not guard and cherish you
            as long as I shall live?
            Will I not sanction you
            with all the love my heart can give?”
            What woman could resist?
            I also like Forgiveness, Sweet Liberty, The Pledge, In the Light of the Virgin Morning, and Brave Enough For Love. “Secret Soul” doesn’t do anything for me, for some reason.

  • Caroline Bull says:

    Love this! Spent some time on shift reading the 101 ways – very inspiring!