By Request: My Duran Duran Photos

The other day, I told you about my Duran Duran problem. Today, I bring you photos from the momentous day when I met Mr. John Taylor.

It was sometime in the early ’90s in San Francisco. Dave and I waited for four hours in the blustery shadows of skyscrapers in downtown SF. I was reading a hard cover of Jaws by Peter Benchley while we waited—a word nerd to the last.

We finally FINALLY FINALLY got inside.

There’s Duran Duran!

I only had eyes for John Taylor. But I was too shy to actually look at him, so I smiled at Dave instead… totally missing the fact that John Taylor was looking. right. at. me.

I finally stopped being a chicken and dared to look at him. But then HE was looking at Dave.

Then he tickled my ear, and right before I died of happiness, I smiled at the camera.

It tickled a lot!

And that’s the story of when baby me met John Taylor: new romantic, bass player, pop star, and ear tickler extraordinaire.

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  • DagneyTaggert says:

    What a great Friday night high school flash back!

  • LaVonne says:

    That is awesome! How funny he tickled your ear. Love the pics! They look sooooo young. Surely we look the same?


  • Steph H says:

    I was a total Duranie – John Taylor fan myself. I loved seeing these pics!

    Never got to see him but I remember one nite trying to call into a radio show over and over again and when the bill came — my mom had a fit!

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Dagney –> I know, right?! Made me kinda nostalgic for my midnight curfew.

    LaVonne –> I'm still 17, so of course I look young. I don't really get your point 😉

    Steph –> John is mine. Sorry. Pick another member. Love the story about calling the station. One time on vacation with my parents, I called my boyfriend, like, 25 times, from the hotel room. I was in SO MUCH trouble.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hilarious! He was my favorite, too, but my crush was a little earlier… like mid '80s. He and I were going to have beautiful babies together, I was convinced of it. ~Karyn

  • indra wulan says:

    wow, you're the lucky lady