I Can’t Help Myself – I Like Them

I know it’s a controversial point of view, but I love burpee box jumps. Ridiculous, right?!

Our CrossFit Women workout yesterday was very taxing, and I didn’t finish it before the cut-off, but I’m calling it a rousing success anyway because (1) it included burpee box jumps which I totally loved; and (2) it was really, really, really hard, which made me feel like a champ, even though I was kind of limping through it.

CrossFit Women
3X5 deadhang pullups – I used a 1-inch band and my pullups were quite sad. Meh.

For time:
burpee box jumps 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
dual kettlebell clean + press 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

I used the 22″ box. It was sweaty and scary and my breath came in loud pants. The dual kettlebell clean + press were shockingly hard. I guess I’ve never done any WODs with double kbs before. The movement was a little awkward – had to do a sort of half swing, then shrug to get both the kbs up to shoulder level… then HUH! into the push press. The RX was 16kg, but I couldn’t do more than one, so I used 14kg. That was plenty. At the end, I was doing them just two at a time. Swing, HUH!, swing HUH!, rest. Repeat ’til done. Exhausting and sweaty.

When Crystal called time at 18:00, I’d finished the set of 3 burpee box jumps and completed 2 of the 8 clean + press. With a 25-minute cut-off, I think I would have made it.

I know it’s a hard workout when I’m thinking about the next day’s REST DAY in the middle of the workout. At around 5 box jumps/6 clean+press, I thought, Just keep going. Tomorrow you can rest.

And I did! Last night I saw Robin Hood (4 stars: made me wish I was a boy with a horse and a sword, drunk on mead! although when it came down to it, Marion was very kickass, too.), then zonked out until well after 7:00 this morning. Hooray for swashbuckling and sleeping in.

In case you’ve never had the pleasure, here’s a pretty demo of burpee box jumps:

Remember, you can scale this by doing any or all of the following:

1. Use a shorter box.
2. Step down, instead of jumping down.
3. Step up, instead of jumping up.

Be sure to open your hips completely at the top.

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