We Heart Burpees: A Valentine Workout

It’s truer in CrossFit than anywhere else: Misery loves company.

So grab your favorite workout partner for a special Valentine’s Day throw-down. You can thank Dave for this; as always, he helped me cook up this scheme.

We Heart Burpees: A Valentine Workout

Warmup, easy pace
3 rounds:
10 squats
10 pushups
10 rotations

high knees
butt kicks
punter kicks
side shuffle
skip forward
skip backwards
lunge w/rotation
5 caterpillars

400m easy lap

Partner WOD
R1 – Partner 1: 400 run / Partner 2: burpees
R2 – Partner 1: burpees / Partner 2: 400m run
R3 – Partner 1: 400m run / Partner 2: air squats
R4 – Partner 1: air squats / Partner 2: 400m run
R5 – Partner 1: 400m run / Partner 2: situps
R6 – Partner 1: situps / Partner 2: 400m run

Just like love and war, this workout is unfair. The faster your partner runs, the fewer reps you have to do. Wanna to make ’em suffer? Take your time. Want to prove your devotion? Sprint like the wind.

Want to make it tougher? Add another round of run+burpees.

Partner Cashout – 2 rounds:
10 partner pushups
Get in pushup position, facing each other. Do a pushup then give each other a high five, alternating hands; count each pushup as one.

15 med ball situp
Lie on your backs, feet together. Tap the ball on the ground overhead, sit up, and throw it to your partner. Your partner taps back, then throws it to you. Repeat ’til you’ve each done 15.

10 slam + chest pass
Face your partner. Do a med ball slam, then throw the ball to your partner with a chest pass. Repeat ’til you’ve each done 10 med ball slams.

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