Some Day

One of the loveliest things about fitness is that it’s never too late to start – and you’re never really “done.”That means there’s no good reason to be impatient or try to rush to the end goal. The answer, instead, seems to be to commit to the process, fight Fear and Doubt every day, and focus on BEING the fit person on the way to their next goal.

The truth of it is, once a present goal’s been conquered, there’s another one waiting in the wings to become the new “some day.”

My “some day” looks something like this – where “this” is 44-year-old Crystal West. That gives me two years to catch up.

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  • erikajeanne says:

    YES. three cheers for the absence of a glass ceiling! your "some day" is rapidly approaching, can you feel it? because all of us over here can see it, and it looks phenomenal. xoxoxox

  • Amber says:

    Imagine how many more she would have gotten with a group of people screaming and cheering for her!? I bet she would have hit 50 (and so will you!)

  • Erin Clare says:

    Let me recall the time you sauntered up to the bar on Town Lake and said, "I wonder if I can do a few dead hangs today."

    So I watched… and you gripped and just kind of was all chill about it. Then…

    lllllloooooooiiiiip! Your chin was over the bar and you had gracefully, peacefully gone from one position to another without batting an eye.

    Yeah, you got this goal. You are all over it, my friend.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Erin, you're the best cheerleader… but I think you forgot: my feet were on the ground, rather than a real deadHANG, and I only did one. But yeah, I'll get there.

    Erika, thank you. I don't know how rapid the approach is, but as long as I'm moving, that's something.

    Amber, when I get 50, we will celebrate righteously and loudly.

  • Stephanie Vincent says:

    how great is it to embrace the limitless possibilities!?!?! it wan't untill i accepted my current abilities that i was truly open to what is possible!

  • Jesse Richards says:

    Wow, that puts my deadhangs to shame. You'll get there, hang tough!

  • boomgoesthedynamite says: