I Made It!

It looked dicey earlier in the week, but I successfully made it to Friday… whew!

And a good Friday it is, too. Today is the 17th anniversary of the first time Dave and I kissed. I remember it very vividly. We were in my kitchen in Sausalito, drinking tea because we were work friends, trying to sort out if we were going to become a couple or not. While I was pondering the situation over a nice cuppa, he just leaned over and gave me a smooch. Decision made!

My workout this morning was also excellent, and truth be told, work hasn’t been too bad this afternoon either. Must be Fridayitis.

Bootcamp workout
3 rounds of each set for time:

10 med ball cleans, 10-lb ball + 10 push ups
My time: 2:30

20 db front squats, 15-lb dbs + 20 supermans
My time: 3:52

30 thrusters, 15-lb. dbs + 30 sit-ups
My time: 8:30 (I think)

Thrusters! Gah.

There was still time left so…

  • 6 man-makers + 100m sprint + 15 knee-to-elbow + 100m sprint
  • 20 sprawls + 100m sprint + 15 knee-to-elbow +100m sprint

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  • Erin Clare says:

    CONGRATS TO YOU AND DAVE for seventeen beautiful years.

    Continue kickin’ ass and just kickin’ it together. 🙂