13 Burpees

I’ve been in my pajamas most of the day, and my muscles are twitchy and sore. My tiredness has reached the whiny level — I’m like a 5-year-old who’s had too much fun but doesn’t know she should be trying to sleep instead of wandering around, dissatisfied.

I will now go into my Glamour Room* and complete 13 f*c&ing burpees.

Because I’m stubborn that way.

[two minutes elapsed]

Ok! Burpees done.

When I was on #7, Dave poked his head into the room and said, “Aren’t you supposed to say ‘I love burpees’ when you clap?”

That Dave — always trying to be helpful.


*The “Glamour Room” is our spare bedroom that I turned into a walk-in closet for all my girlie crap (hats, shoes, jewelry, hair do-dads) and now, my jock crap, too.

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