Let It Snow?
December 22, 2012

Sadly, it didn't snow during our morning run, but it was a gloriously chilly 37 degrees Fahrenheit with brilliant sunshine. I'm on Week 5 of...

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Friday Fun: Two Crazy-Awesome Videos
November 23, 2012

This is 13 minutes of crazy-ass driving and traffic accidents from Russia. Dave kept telling me I had to watch it, and I kept saying,...

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Brains! Cauliflower Brains!
October 29, 2012

Three hundred sixty four days of the year, cauliflower is a gentle vegetable. So humble, so bland and unassuming, so eager to please. What other...

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Geeking Out
October 26, 2012

This weekend, I'm completely geeking out. I know this confession will come as a huge surprise to absolutely everyone no one. Friday: John Taylor So......

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Eggsperiment: A Story In Photos
June 28, 2012

The Theory: It's hot enough in Austin to fry an egg on the street. Our Report We hit the street at 5:44 p.m., usually the...

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April 06, 2012

On Wednesdays, our Farmhouse Delivery basket arrives. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the process of unpacking, bagging, and adding the veggies...

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Singin’ In The Rain
March 27, 2012

It's the 60th anniversary of the premiere of the MGM film Singin' in the Rain. Take a break from planning your next paleo feast or...

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Manifesting Super Powers
June 26, 2011

This article "4 Reasons Why Trying Parkour Can Ruin Your Self-Esteem" by Daniel O'Brien made me laugh out loud four times this morning. I really...

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New Potential For Nibbles On The Ear
April 06, 2011

Yes, that's right: Bacon Cologne (pronounced bay-cone, you Neanderthals.)From the web site:The year was 1920 and quite by accident John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher discovered...

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Best. Email. EVER.
April 02, 2011

OMG! My lifelong wishes can now come true. Look what I got in my email inbox! Aren't you jealous?1. I can get a Summer Body...

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Learning To Sail
February 22, 2011

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship."– Louisa May AlcottAlcott is best  known for her semi-autobiographical novel Little Women....

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I Wish I Had Arms Like Barbie
February 10, 2011

[source]Not because I aspire to her completely unrealistic measurements – read this entertaining piece that answers "What would a real life Barbie look like?" –...

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