Review: Paleo Pals
February 11, 2012

Update 2/17/12: We have a winner! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your food horror stories — they were run to read! Congratulations to our randomly-generated winner...

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The Spice & Tea Exchange
August 30, 2011

I feel very passionately about the things I love (Jane Eyre, Social Distortion, Smudge, Dave), but I try to remain agnostic about other things, lest...

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Review: Everyday Paleo
April 11, 2011

If you're part of the online paleo community, you're probably familiar with Sarah Fragoso and her family-oriented paleo blog Everyday Paleo. If not, here's the...

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Dino-Chow Holiday Treat: Cavemen Cookies
December 09, 2009

This is the first holiday that I'm not abandoning all of my good habits in the pursuit of tasty treats, so over the next few...

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