Hothouse Flowers
November 09, 2008

Recommended listening while reading this post:We ran eight miles today. It was hard, but not horrible, so... yay!We started with a 2-mile out-and-back on the...

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Frexcited About Parkour
October 05, 2008

Let's get the bad news out of the way, shall we?The Ugly1. My inner eight-year old spent a good chunk of the morning with her...

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My Sk8r Boy
October 03, 2008

Dave went skateboarding for the first time today with our pal Nathan. Neato, right?!Daring and courage.When's the last time you did something for the first...

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Lucky Number 13: A Story In Photos
September 29, 2008

My awesome Saturday actually started Friday night when I picked up my Fight Gone Bad packet at the CrossFit Central gym, and I was handed...

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I Got Really Frexcited
September 20, 2008

frexcite: to rouse to an emotional response stimulated by simultaneous fright and excitement I'm a cryer. I could make an extensive list of things that...

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