Cake That’s NOT Poison
October 13, 2009

I've seen – and eaten! – many desserts in my life that were works of art. But this one really, um... takes the cake... pink...

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Catherine Hart: Art Show and All-Around Fabulousness
September 10, 2009

Catherine Hart is a lovely girl, talented artist, and badass CrossFitter. She's got a solo art show opening tonight, and you really should go. You...

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Pinups and Pens
August 26, 2009

This has nothing whatsoever to do with CrossFit or eating right. But this so delighted me, I had to share. And since I'm sipping cocktails...

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Missed Connections
July 06, 2009

Come on. Admit it! You know you've lingered over those Shot in the Dark ads in the back of the Austin Chronicle and either a)...

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Reading is Sexy: On Tender Hooks
June 09, 2009

Way, way back in the day, Dave spent a summer at the Parsons The New School for Design. While immersed in all things artistic, he...

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Runner’s World "Quote of the Day": Al Oerter
October 21, 2008

"To exercise at or near capacity is the best way I know of reaching a true introspective state. If you do it right, it can...

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August 01, 2008

Gah! I have lots of work to do, and it's preventing me from posting all the fun things I have to share.For now, check out...

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