Rants & Raves: 14 April 2020

We could all use some happy distractions right about now, right? Here are some of the things I found online lately that made me happy. Hope they make you happy, too.

This story about the song ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ is everything. (I finally added this song to my running playlist and my life has improved exponentially.) After you read, watch this short video for joy infusion. And in this video, you can learn the dance from Annie Murphy herself; it made me cry with happiness.

These penguins getting weighed at the Saint Louis Zoo are pure joy.

I was born in 1968, and I distinctly remember being a pre-teen and hearing my mom and dad discussing why he should (Mom) and should not (Dad) consider purchasing a leisure suit. These photos brought it all back.

Kristen Stewart is OK in my book — even when her fashion is wonkus.

Feast your eyes on these STUNNING works of bakery art.

When I feel overwhelmed, I like to close my eyes, throw back my head, and howl like a wolf. (This is true.) The Wolf Conservation Center shares videos of wolves singing together on the regular, and it is AWESOME. Here’s another good one, in case you need more.

How about a free Victorian Shakespeare coloring book?!

This is a bit more on the serious side, but we can all benefit from the advice of a lovely 102-year-old woman.

Quick pickled red onions add zing to just about anything! Tuna salad, pork carnitas, taco salad, breakfast tacos, plantain nachos

This is for my fellow Duran Duran fans out there. It’s weird but somehow fun?! The longer I watched, the more I loved it.

May you find something else today that strikes you as somehow both weird and wonderful.

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