I’m On My British Holiday

Well, I did it! I turned 50 on May 1. Photographic evidence. Not pictured: the enormous (and enormously delicious) slab of carrot cake that I ate at brunch.

To continue the celebration, we’re taking off to the UK. Yay!

First up, it’s London…

… where we will shop in bookstores where EVERYTHING IS IN ENGLISH, enjoy a fancy tea, have dinner with dear friends, and…

That’s right! We’re seeing Hamilton.

Then it’s off to Leeds where I will explore historic libraries and museums.

Then we head to Brontë country on a steam train from Keighley to…

Haworth, home of the Brontë family.

We’ve scheduled a private tour at the Parsonage, which… I’m so excited, I can’t even really think about it.

The Five Paleo Dinners posts will be live every Thursday while I’m gone. Be good to yourselves in my absence!

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  • Kathie Gray says:

    Wow, that all sounds amazing and I just know you will have an unbelievable time. Next time you go to the UK you have to visit Oxford, I can just imagine you exploring all the little cobbled streets, visiting all the places of literary significances and fainting from joy when you see the basement of Blackwells book shop! I might be biased though as it’s my home town !

  • Holly says:

    I am unbelievably envious! What an amazing way to celebrate your 50 revolutions around the sun.

  • Laura says:

    YOU look FANTASTIC! Wow! No where near 50 my dear!

    What a great Birthday celebration. You rock.

    Laura Kuhn

  • Manou says:

    Happy 50th Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time in the UK! You look fabulous! I love your books (I recently ordered Well Fed 2) and your recipes, there’s always something that works at any given time. I keep checking back on your blog as well, just curious how you like your European life. My husband and I did the reverse, we moved from the Netherlands to the US 11 years ago. I guess for us it’s not an adventure anymore after 11 years, I miss feeling that way. I guess I also miss the European mentality… Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I agree with the previous person: You do rock!

    • Thank you for the birthday and holiday wishes; we did have a fantastic time in the UK. And we are loving living here in Prague and exploring more of Europe. The United States is very disappointing and angry-making right now, and I know the politics in Europe are problematic, too, but we feel a bit outside them which gives us a little break—although we do stay on top of the news from the US, and that’s always horrible. The LIFESTYLE mentality here is definitely more appealing than in the US—the cafes, the walking, the parks… it all definitely suits us. Thank you for your sweet comments!