Well Fed Weeknights Presale Now Open!

Sometimes I felt like this day would never arrive. After a few years of collecting recipe ideas, the summer of 2015 spent recipe testing, months of writing, and then another summer of food photography, I’m delighted to let you know…

The presale is now open for my  new book ‘Well Fed Weeknights: Complete Paleo Meals in 45 Minutes Or Less.’


Pre-order details are below—keep reading for all the delicious details.

Over the years, you’ve all been so gracious with your support of Well Fed and Well Fed 2. Your affection for the recipes and the Weekly Cookup comes through loud and clear. But I also heard you when you said you’re time-stressed. That you don’t always have the means or the desire to do a big Weekly Cookup. That you wish you had delicious paleo recipes with the same bold flavors as WF and WF2, without the sometimes long-ish time commitments.

Well Fed Weeknights solves all those problems!

This is our biggest, boldest, most beautiful cookbook yet: 288 pages, over 200 recipes, 128 complete meals, 140 full-color photos and illustrations… it’s a monster in the most awesome way.

I gave myself a pretty big challenge with these recipes! My assignment: Go to the grocery store, buy the ingredients for a meal, then come home and cook it in under 45 minutes. I completed that exercise about 175 times, and the result is this cookbook.

But being fast wasn’t enough. No! There were additional iron-clad rules for whether or not a recipe made the final cut:


It had to make my husband Dave and I mumble “Oooohhmmmm … this is so good” while we still had food in our mouths.


The recipes had to use easy-to-find and reasonably affordable ingredients. Except for coconut aminos, every ingredient in this book can be found at a regular, neighborhood grocery store.


The recipes had to be dead-easy to make. Who wants to deal with anything complicated at dinner time?!

But fear not, my Weekly Cookup-ers! Even though each recipe is designed to come together quickly, I also included Cookup Tips on each page, so you can easily work these new recipes into your old (awesome) Cookup habit. It’s the best of everything, really.

More About the Book

The recipes were inspired by takeout classics, food trucks, and cuisines from around the world. Basically, it’s stuff I’ve eaten—or read about—and wanted to recreate at home. All of the recipes are free of grains, dairy, legumes, and soy. And while this book isn’t officially Whole30 approved, I live by the Whole30 guidelines, so the recipes are squeaky clean with options for a little added sweetener once in a while.

Every complete meal—a healthy serving of protein with plenty of veggies and luscious fats—is thoroughly tested and easy to make, with affordable ingredients you’ll find at your regular grocery store. Who wants to go to multiple stores?! And all of the recipes include my “You Know How You Could Do That?” variations, as well as Cookup Tips to help shorten meal prep.

I’ve also included instructions for a Mini Cookup with step-by-step details for cooking six paleo kitchen staples in under an hour. Cook once, and fancy-up your meals all week long with cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, homemade mayo, and more.

Debuting in Well Fed Weeknights are fun and flexible Food Court Recipes: blueprints of dinner themes, like Meat & Potatoes, Burger Night, Velvet Stir-Fry, The Ultimate Salad Bar, and more, all offering basic techniques and creative variations to satisfy your personal cravings.

Well Fed Weeknights is also packed with useful tips and how-to info including:

  • How to eat in restaurants without abandoning good habits

  • How to cook quickly and eat slowly

  • Essential pantry foods for weeknight cooking

  • The best kitchen tools for fast cooking

  • Dozens of sample menus

  • A mobile shopping list for every recipe

What People Are Saying

I sent an advance copy of Well Fed Weeknights to some of my favorite food people, and their reactions were just what I hoped they’d be!



I often find the question ‘What do you want for dinner?’ more stressful than actually prepping and cooking the meal, but thanks to Well Fed Weeknights, the what’s-for-dinner game just got crazy fun. You’ll be blown away by how many time-saving resources are packed into this cookbook, and the recipes are the perfect balance of joy-in-my-mouth and hey-that-clean-up-went-fast. So feel free to ask me what I want for dinner tonight, because I’ve got about 34 pages in Weeknights already bookmarked. — Melissa Hartwig, New York Times bestselling author and co-creator of the Whole30 program

I’m head over heels in love with Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed Weeknights! My spice-loving kitchen sister has created yet another amazing collection of umami-packed meals—and this one is tailor-made for busy folks like me who crave flavorful, nourishing meals whipped up in minutes. Why look anywhere else for culinary inspiration? Michelle Tam, New York Times bestselling author of Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans


Mel is one of my favorite authors/chefs in any food genre. She never ceases to impress with her creativity and passion, and Well Fed Weeknights is no exception. Beautifully presented and exceptionally laid out, it’s got all the “need to know” elements and bullet points of a healthy Paleo lifestyle. Be prepared to get your Paleo on every night of the week! — Mark Sisson, Publisher of Mark’s Daily Apple and Founder of Primal Kitchen

We’re all time poor and we all need to make better choices about what we put into our bodies. This new compendium of easy and fast recipes from Melissa Joulwan is the tastiest way I’ve seen to get started or continue to be inspired.Andrew Zimmern, TV personality, chef, and food writer

Recipe Layout & Illustrations

Every recipe is shown alongside a full-color photo with a little story about why I think the recipe is a keeper, and like our previous books, the design includes plenty of whimsical details to make your time in the kitchen as playful as possible. Along with ingredients and detailed directions, each recipe also includes variations—”You Know How You Could To That?”—and Cookup Tips so you can work these recipes into your Weekly Cookup.


My husband Dave (Master of Cartooning, for real) drew ridiculously awesome custom illustrations to make the Food Court Recipes even more fun—and even easier to cook.


Table of Contents

Click for an expanded view of the 128 complete paleo meals you’ll find in Well Fed Weeknights. What you can’t see in the TOC are the eight velvety stir-fries, 16 gourmet hamburger and hot dog ideas, 20 salad dressings and more than 40 salads, and so many more irresistible variations.tableofcontents2
You won’t mind skipping the drive-through or delivery to cook at home when you can eat meals like Korean Beef with Kimchi Relish, Crispy Pork Cutlets with Red Cabbage, Dirty Rice, Fried Chicken Meatballs with Collard Greens, Pizza Noodles, Sticky Orange Sunflower Chicken with Sesame Broccoli, Street Fries, and so many more. (Two words: Taco Night.)


As always, Dave and I tag-teamed on the photos, with me on food styling and Dave behind the camera. These are just a few sample photos to whet your appetite. All of the photos in the book show the real food that results from following the recipes. In fact, we spent this past summer cooking, styling, and photographing these dishes—and then eating the leftovers all week.


Pre-order now—official release November 1

The presale for Well Fed Weeknights officially kicks off today! You can pre-order Well Fed Weeknights so many awesome places, including my online store. I encourage you to support your favorite local bookstore by pre-ordering there—or use the links below to order online.

You can also order signed copies from BookPeople in Austin, and they ship worldwide! Just click this link place the book in your cart and indicate “SIGNED COPY” in the comments field during checkout. BookPeople is a damn fine bookstore. I’m thrilled to be doing a signing there on November 9 (7:30 p.m.) and so excited they’re making signed copies available to everyone.

Amazon | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK | BAM! Books-a-Million | Barnes & Noble | BookPeople
Hudson BooksellersIndie Bound | Indigo | Powell’s | Target | Walmart


And if you need more convincing—or just want to start cooking some of the Well Fed Weeknights recipes before the book is officially launched on November 1—you can download a free 70-page sampler that features 18 recipes, including Fried Chicken Meatballs. Get the Well Fed Weeknights sampler now!


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  • PatGLex says:

    I’m never sure about purchasing cookbooks until I can skim through a copy and see if I would make more than 5 recipes. I got a copy of WELL FED out of the library to review, since I’m finishing up a Whole 30 and are looking for resources to continue to eat clean. And you had me 15 pages in — once I got through all of the recipes, my mind was blown. And even more so today, since I can order ALL THE BOOKS at one time! For a discount! I am off to do that right now. Thanks!

    • This is totally awesome! I’m SO happy that Well Fed won you over, and the timing is perfect, right?! Have fun with all those new recipes. And thank you so much for pre-ordering. Your support means a lot to us!

  • David McBride says:

    I can’t get the preorder link to load.

  • Audrie Jurgens says:

    I’m so excited about We’ll Fed Weeknights!! I have very sauce-spattered, well-loved copies of WF & WF2 and can’t wait to round out the set. I’m in Australia and cost of shipping down under is almost as much as the book (understandably!), will there be an ebook? Thanks!

    • YAY! I love thinking of our little books on the other side of the planet. It’s like a love note from us to you.

      Well Fed Weeknights will be available as a straight-up PDF from my site, as well as an iBook and Kindle. Those are coming closer to November 1 when the print book is released. I’ll keep you posted via my newsletter and social media!

      • Suzan says:

        I have both your books (e-book versions) and love them. I think Ill get this as an e-book as well, soon as it’s released. The sampler is awesome, thanks.

  • Robin says:

    I already pre-ordered on Amazon on Sep 3, and I have the Well Fed magazine and also Well Fed 1 and 2 on Kindle (which is hard to cook from and I like to write notes to myself-definitely going to get paper copies!). Should I cancel that pre-order? I would like to take advantage of the bonuses, especially the e-book menu plan!

    • Thanks for pre-ordering! If you’d like the bonuses, you need to order through out store, so you *could* cancel your Amazon order… we have a great deal on all three print books. You get WF and WF2 for $10 each, plus 24.95 (cover price) for the new one, Well Fed Weeknights… plus all the digital bonuses. It’s a pretty sweet package 🙂

      But honestly I’m so grateful for the support, wherever you order the book. Thank you so much!

  • Des says:

    Girl! This is another absolutely gorgeous book! I have ebooks of WF1 & 2 and I use them all the time. The mashed cauliflower with the frozen cauli is soooo good, plus I love the zucchini noodles with the red pepper flakes and also all the meatball recipes! I’ve enjoyed many of your recipes, but those are my favorites. I’ll be ordering the ebook as soon as it’s available!

    • I love the roll call of your favorite recipes! You have no idea how happy that makes a cookbook author 🙂

      We should be rolling out the ebook in a few weeks. In the mean time, be sure to treat yourself to the free sampler so you can start cooking some of the new recipes right away! http://bit.ly/WFWsampler

  • Laura says:

    If one is already a member of Thrive, is there a way to still take advantage of the awesome bonus month? Thanks!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the free sampler. Looks like you’ve done a beautiful job once again!

    I cook a lot from WF 1 and 2 and heartily recommend them to others (whether or not they eat Paleo) because, to me, they’re just all-around excellent cookbooks. The Cook’s Illustrated influence definitely shows in their organization and attention to detail, and the photography and layout are so attractive, fun, and energizing. Can’t wait to see the rest of the new book!

    The ideas in the sampler are awesome, btw. The fried chicken meatballs will be in my cooking queue soon!

    • Thank you so much! I hope you have fun with the new recipes! The Fried Chicken Meatballs are really irresistible, and reheat awesomely, too!

      YES! I love CI; thank you for that lovely compliment and for sharing the Well Fed love. Happy cooking!

  • Alicia says:

    I’m SO excited for this. <3! It's not an understatement to say that WF 1 & 2 permanently changed the way I eat and the way I think about cooking.

  • Alicia says:

    I’m SO excited for this. <3! It's not an overstatement to say that WF 1 & 2 permanently changed the way I eat and the way I think about cooking.

  • Deb Ohlsen says:

    I already have and love your first two books, but for this one, you had me at Fried Chicken Meatballs!

  • Kelly says:

    Can you comment on the number of nightshade free recipes? Thanks!

  • Sue says:

    I am so HAPPY about WF weeknights!!! I’ve ordered 2! I seriously love the bonus sneak peak too.