Paleo Magazine Best of 2015 Awards

Well, this is exciting! My new site is nominated for ‘Best New Blog’ in the Paleo Magazine Best Of 2015 Awards!

Paleo Magazine Best of 2015 Awards |


Voting is officially open! If you like the update we gave my site this year, I’d love to have your vote! (My category is on page 2 of the ballot, so you need to make your choices and hit “Submit” on the first page… then you’ll get the second page with the rest of the categories and nominees.)

Vote now!

The list of nominees is a really just a list of all my favorite paleo people! I’m especially excited to see Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo, Russ Crandall of Domestic Man, Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo, and Melissa Hartwig of Whole30 on the ballot. Voting ends January 31, so don’t delay!

The winners will be announced LIVE at the first ever Paleo Magazine Best Of Awards Show powered by Paleo f(x), on Saturday, May 28 in Austin, Texas. The 90-minute show will feature music, comedy, live movement performances, giveaways and most importantly, the presentation of awards and live recognition to the winners of Paleo Magazine‘s Best of 2015 winners.

And finally, there’s something good in it for you, too! Paleo Mag is offering a special discount on a 1-year print+digital subscription when you cast your vote. You’ll get a promo code after you submit your ballot.

Vote now!

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