Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

Since we got back from Paris… wait, sorry… oh, Paris.

Let’s pause and enjoy thoughts of Paris for just a moment.

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Anyway. Since we got back from Paris a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on stuff that will eventually be very exciting to share with you — new recipes, a new web site, a new magazine — but for now, it’s all in the stage where it’s work-in-progress. The very unsexy, heads-down, ass-in-chair phase.

But I’ve been enjoying the hell out of some stuff lately, and I thought you might like it, too. In no particular order…

Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Wolf Hall
Have you seen this Masterpiece program on PBS? You must catch up. You must! It’s got intrigue and scheming and fur-trimmed costumes and serious eyebrows and heaving bosoms and mysterious illnesses. Basically, everything that’s deliciously awful and must be experienced vicariously. It tells the story of Thomas Cromwell, who through charm and an amazing ability to spin conversations, becomes a powerful fixture in Henry VIII’s court. Anne Boleyn is so naughty, and her sister Mary is quite dishy, and I can’t quite figure out Cromwell’s motivations. It’s luscious. The Fug Girls are doing tasty recaps every week, so if you missed the first two episodes, you can catch up here and here. (Have you read the books? Tell us in comments.)


2. The Royal We and Life From Scratch
I’ve got two books going right now, and I’m enjoying them both immensely. The Royal We is a delight, a fictional account of the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton, if William was actually named Nicholas and Kate was really a sweet, outspoken American with an irresistible twin sister who woos the prince’s brother who is not named Harry but is called Freddie. I’m not doing it justice with that description. Trust me; it’s great. I’m 75% of the way through it (Thanks for the stats, Kindle!), and so far I’ve laughed out loud a bunch of times and reached for tissues to blot my teary eyes on several occasions. It’s very sweet and fun and thoughtful.

I’m also about halfway through Life From Scratch, the very moving memoir of “food, family, and forgiveness” by Sasha Martin, the lovely writer and cook behind the web site Global Table Adventure. I’ve been a fan of Sasha’s for years, ever since I learned about her site and her mission to cook recipes from every country in the world. I have to keep reminding myself that her book is nonfiction; she’s an evocative storyteller, and it’s a suspenseful page turner wrapped up in a quiet, loving package.


3. Spicely Organics Sliced Garlic
I would never, ever used that weird, already minced jarred garlic you can find in the grocery store. But these dehydrated garlic chips?! They’re my secret weapon against boredom right now. I’ve been throwing them into my morning Hot Plate — leftover beef or chicken, kale, a few raisins, duck fat, and garlic chips — and it is sublime. Dave also likes them in his stir-fries, and they’re damn good in homefries (sweet or white), too. They’re also awesome tossed into a mug of bone broth or sprinkled on top of Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup or Golden Cauliflower Soup. Sometimes you don’t need a new recipe, you just need a new ingredient to give your same old food a new oomph. (Serendipitously, Spicely is offering 10% off all their organic garlic through April 19. Go for it!)


4. reCAP Mason Jar Lids
Remember when I told you I was becoming a homesteader? I’m still really not a homesteader, but I have been using mason jars for all the things since we moved to Vermont last summer. And it’s super convenient to put one of these sipper lids on a wide mouth mason jar to make a totally kickass drinking bottle. I’ve got a fridge of icy cold options: water, my weird rooibos-Earl Grey-plus-beet-juice-powder tea, water. (I drink a lot of water.) They don’t spill or leak or make me worry about BPA nonsense, and the jars hold way more liquid than the stainless steel water bottle I had been using.


5. Yoga Studio App
This super handy iPhone app is loaded with yoga poses and programmed classes that range from 10 to 30 and 60 minutes. I’ve used the “Yoga for Relaxation”  and “Beginner Stretches,” and they were great, but I’ve been using it primarily for it’s guided meditation options. For the last few months, I’ve been doing the 20-minute guided meditation first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, and it’s fantastic. Super relaxing. Backed by ambient music, a soothing instructor talks through releasing each body part, then moves on to breathing, and finally quieting the mind. There are also 5- and 10-minute versions for those mornings when I might be running a little late. Highly recommended if you’re curious about meditation and need a gentle way to begin, or if you’re already a seasoned meditator and are looking for a fresh option.



 What are you loving right now?

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  • DJDeeJay says:

    Oooh, those mason jar lids and garlic chips looks great. I’ve been using the Calm meditation app, which sounds similar, but I love how the yoga app adds yoga routines. I might have to check that out.

    Some things I’m loving:

    1) Plantains! They’re so versatile and a great addition to the roster of starchy veggies (ok, it’s a fruit, but it’s savory!). You can fry them, double-fry them, saute them whole (apparently, but I haven’t tried this yet), steam them (so easy!), mash them, and turn them into a creamy soup. I love them.

    2) Black cocoa from your Quarterly box! Oh my word is that stuff just magical. It almost feels like it shouldn’t be a real food. Like, it’s so black but it’s not bitter and it adds this insane depth and richness is hard to believe. It makes the best hot cocoa, too (and maybe adding a shot of Amaretto helps).

    3) Bitmoji – customized emoji! I know it sounds juvenile but it’s strangely fun, and the options they come up with once you’ve made your own little emoji mini-me are hilarious.

    • I’m with you on teh plantains! I’m finalizing a new recipe for them, and can’t wait to share it with you guys. It’s a winner.

      Really glad you like the black cocoa! That’s become a secret weapon for me! Try a little in Muir Glen pasta sauce — makes it taste like homemade!

  • Lydia says:

    I’m loving how happy you are! What a joyous post this is. I love how much you and Dave look like KILLER STYLE SPIES. Thank you for sharing, and welcome home!

  • Karla says:

    Wolf Hall! I keep meaning to watch it, but it’s on opposite Mad Men and I can’t DVR it. Plus I always go to bed early.

  • Jessica says:

    i read Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies and LOVED them. They’re sizable books and took me a bit to read but the time flew by. I can’t wait to watch the series!

  • Mom says:

    Five Thing I’m Loving Right Now…
    1. Beautiful spring day.
    2. Freshly cut grass.
    3. Newly painted bathroom.
    4. Upcoming trip to the Big Apple.
    5. YOU!

  • Michelle says:

    I so adore your book recommendations. Both have been added to my library queue, and I will definitely be checking out Wolf Hall.

  • AustinGirl says:

    1) After longing for one for over 5 years, we finally built a deck on the back of our house. It’s PERFECT and as awesome as I’d hoped it would be. We’re out there all the time.
    2) I rededicated myself to my Fitbit and low carb counts and I feel AMAZING
    3) My husband and son are delightful human beings and I adore being around them
    4) SPRING!!
    5) Giant silver hoop earrings. I have like 6 pair of them, and wearing them always make me feel happier and sassier.

  • Lauren says:

    Bloodline on Netflix! Suspenseful and it takes place in the Florida Keys so I just imagine myself laying out on the beach relaxing.

    Gulp by Mary Roach, an oldie but a goodie. I LOVE her writing. It really makes science fun and approachable. If you haven’t already read this book, you should!

    Performance Paleo cookbook! I of course LOVE well fed but i also am enjoying seeing the influence that you, Steph and Michelle have on each other. (Yes i totally just talked about the three of you like we are all BFF…i suppose we are best food friends) AND the fueling strategies for workouts has been amazing.

    The astronaut Scott Kelly’s twitter (@StationCDRKelly), he has been posting beautiful pictures of the earth from the ISS and I’m just fascinated with what we will learn about the human body from his year in space.

    • Ooooh, I’ll have to check out Bloodline. Thanks! And I’ve been meaning to read all of Mary Roach’s books.

      I love the influence that Steph, Michelle, and I have on each other, too. I think Steph’s book is really brilliant.

  • Carrie says:

    Life from Scratch looks perfect for my book club! We’re almost all huge foodies. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Laura says:

    I’m a little late on this, but here goes:

    Great post – love the Paris pics – Lydia was right about you guys looking like “KILLER STYLE SPIES”… 🙂

    Things I’m loving right now:
    1. This post with some great ideas and a super positive vibe!
    2. New tv recommendations
    3. New book recommendations
    4. Spring
    5. Emojis

  • Kate says:

    Wait, you live in Vermont now? How did I miss that? I grew up there (born and raised until I was 18). I now live in California but visit there at least once a year. I love it there, though I certainly don’t miss the winters!

    Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say that your blog, and your recipes, is one of the main things that helped my fiance and I survive our first Whole30 (which we completed April 16th, and I am in the process of writing up a summary for my own blog)). We loved the recipes so much that we ended up having to buy BOTH Well Fed cookbooks. So thank you for being so inspirational and having such amazing recipes.

    And now I must check out that Yoga Studio App!

    • I actually really loved the winter here, but it was my first snowy winter in about 25 years, so there was a lot of novelty. We’ll see what I think when I’ve been through two more 🙂

      Congratulations on Whole30-ing and thank you for buying our cookbooks. I’m so glad you like the recipes! Wishing you many happy, healthy meals.

  • AliCT says:

    Glad you enjoyed Paris!! How was Le 404?? I am thinking of taking some girls there when I am on biz in June, was it good?

  • Jessica says:

    Can you or DJDEEJAY tell how to make hot cocoa with the black cocoa? Thanks!