Well Fed Signing in Prague (!)


I’ve been having a love affair with the city of Prague for decades, and I’ve visited three times since 2010. (You can read about all my Prague adventures, in reverse chronological order, right here.) It was an indescribable thrill when we were contacted by Jan Melvil Publishing to have our book translated and published in Czech. They’ve already published It Starts With Food in the Czech Republic and have spearheaded a Whole30 movement in their country.

The original Well Fed — aka, Dobře živeni! — was released in Czech last Monday (!), and this week, Dave and I are going to Prague for a book signing at NeoLuxor, the city’s largest bookstore, smack dab in the middle of Wenceslas Square. I’m on the bookstore event calendar and everything! (In case you’re a Czech reader, here’s a link to details. The signing is Friday, November 21 at 16:00.)


I’m also teaching a cooking class/demo for Czech food bloggers which should be pretty exciting because the extent of my spoken Czech is hello, goodbye (which I don’t even pronounce correctly), thank you, please, and beer.

Here’s the marketing page for Well Fed on the Jan Melvil web site, should you be interested in perusing a page you cannot read. (You could always put this link into Google Chrome for a translation: http://www.melvil.cz/kniha-dobre-ziveni).

If you’re a Czech-speaking reader, here are links to buy the Czech version of Well Fed online:

And here’s a review on a Czech blog: http://paleo-doupe.cz/2014/10/03/ochutnavka-kniha-dobre-ziveni-well-fed

This is what the translated version looks like. Pretty crazy-cool, right?!



I’m going to try not to work while we’re in Prague (except for my book signing and cooking demo!), but I’ll probably update Twitter and Instagram, so follow me there for photos of our adventures. Be good to yourselves while I’m gone, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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  • Metla says:

    Hey Melissa,

    thanks for mentioning me and my blog. Always lovely to see that authors appreciate when we try to promote their work.

    In my case, it is more like preview, to prepare people on what has already come out. Review and competition will come and we are with my GF looking forward to meet you at the signing on Friday.

    Have a nice day,
    Mirek aka Metla

  • Linda Sand says:

    Anyone who knows a foreign language word for beer ought to also know the word for toilet. 🙂

  • NIcole says:

    COngratulations Melissa! wow. getting your book published in Czech is exciting. I have visited Prague twice and LOVED it. Isn’t it a wonderful city? I am now wanting to plan another trip. anyway. I had not been on internet much lately so had not kept up with what’s been happening other than your big move. congrats on the book! I know I love my copy and have given copies as gifts to many. thank you.
    Nicole In Alaska

  • EmayPA says:

    Happy and safe travels!

  • Mel says:

    I’m excited for you and your travels! I’ll be headed to Prague next June for an engineering conference – it’ll be good to get restaurant recommendations from your site. 😉

  • Sonya says:

    How exciting! I know how much love Prague. Super happy for you – and what a great thing you’re doing to give back to the residents with so many of your yummilicious recipes!

  • Amy Cole says:

    Hello there,
    I came across your blog (it’s great) and I was wondering if you could share some good Paleo friendly restaurants in Prague. I will be going with my family in a month.

    • I tend to let my habits slip a little when I’m in Prague to enjoy the local food, so I don’t have a lot of restaurant recommendations, but I do have menu options that are usually pretty good.

      Generally safe things to order: pork cutlets, Prague ham, roast duck, big salads with chicken — all of those can be found just about everywhere.

      Favorite restaurants — high-quality ingredients, easy to adapt the menu:
      Cafe Savoy – http://cafesavoy.ambi.cz/en/ = beautiful cafe, lots of paleo-friendly options
      Cukrakavalimonada – http://www.cukrkavalimonada.com/en/ = adorable cafe with great egg dishes and salads
      Cestr – http://cestr.ambi.cz/en/#index = awesome steaks. It wasn’t my favorite place we ate, but it was very good.
      Cafe Imperial – http://cafeimperial.cz/en/ – I had an AWESOME lunch here one day — lots of good meat and salads

      If you’re up for something casual, we ate here a lot! Thai take-away where you can specify veggies, meat, sauce, etc.
      MyWok – http://www.mywok.cz/en = really a lifesaver when you need veggies

      Finally, awesome burgers and fries at Cafe Palanda – http://www.cafepalanda.cz/en