Let’s Be Friends

I love when you come to visit me here, but did you know we can also connect in lots of places on social media? Here’s where you can find me. Let’s be friends!


Follow me on Twitter

Twitter is probably my favorite social media because it’s quick and friendly and feels more like  pssst… I gotta tell you this and less like a Big Announcement. I use Twitter to share links to stuff I love, to let you know when I’ve updated my blog, and to fill you in on fun (and, sometimes, not so fun) things I’m doing. Click here to follow me on Twitter.

Like me on Facebook

I use Facebook to let you know when I’ve updated my blog, to share links to stuff I like with a little more context and detail than on Twitter, and to get your input on things I’m curious about. I’m putting together a strategy to be more active on Facebook and to be a better Facebook citizen, so get ready for that. Click here to Like me on Facebook.

Follow me on Pinterest

I have to admit, even though I’ve been a member of Pinterest for quite some time, I haven’t used it that much. But I’m learning how to make better and more useful boards for you, so bear with me. And give me a follow if Pinterest is your thing. I almost always share new blog recipes on Pinterest, and I’m a member of some group boards that have great recipes that are worth checking out. Click here to follow me on Pinterest.

Follow me on Instagram

I really like Instagram a lot, too. Tons of food pictures and my favorite celebs — what’s not to like?! I usually share a photo on Instagram when I’ve posted a new recipe here, and I also tend to Instagram photos when we’re on traveling adventures. I like to think of it as my mobile scrapbook. Click here to follow me on Instagram.


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  • catlady says:

    Melissa, I love your website posts and hope you do not give up on it. I am not connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,or Twitter; and I would hate to miss out on your humor and recipes. Via Amazon, I see you have co-authored a new cookbook for those on a budget. I hope it is as good as Well Fed 1 and 2. Catlady

    • No plans to give up my blog — just wanted to let people know the other places they could find me online.

      As for that cookbook, it is AWSOME, but I didn’t co-author it; I just wrote the foreword. Ciarra’s recipes are fantastic, so I do recommend her book.

  • Al says:

    I have both your cookbooks and your quick meal sections and other recipes have changed my life and the way I eat completely. I’m really greatful to have found your books and the website. My only trepidation is that I have gotten poked fun of for “liking” a page called “The Clothes Make the Girl” on facebook. Have you ever thought of splitting off the paleo part of your wisdom into a separate page or blog maybe called “Well Fed” so self-conscious guys like me don’t have to be closet fans? I’m really saying this in a half-teasing way, but I did have my masculinity questioned after following your page on facebook.