4th of July Paleo Picnic & Potluck Recipes

It’s officially summer in the U.S. That means potlucks and picnics — possibly with some of your favorite friends or family, or potentially with your annoying in-laws or even… the trickiest of all!… co-workers.

The links below will take you to previously published roundups that are packed with recipes you can take to a picnic or a potluck without tipping anyone off that they’re eating “paleo” or “healthy” or “clean.” They will just nosh and celebrate – and so can you, knowing that you’re taking care of yourself and participating in a great American tradition of eating food while sweating and enduring/enjoying people you only see on holidays.

My Favorite Paleo Potluck Recipes

Crowd-pleasing dishes you can easily make in large quantities without sacrificing flavor or your sanity. Goodies like Chocolate Chili, Citrus Carnitas, Deconstructed Gyro, and more. Get tons of ideas here!

Paleo Potluck Salads

No boring veggies here! These salads are simple to make and bursting with flavor (and vitamins, but only you need to know that). Get tons of ideas here!

Burger Madness

Back in March, I shared tons of meatballs recipes, and all of those meatballs can easily be made into burger patties instead. What’s more picnic friendly than burgers?! Get all the Burger Madness here!

More Ideas

Here are more potluck and picnic ideas from some of my favorite paleo chefs:

Whole30: A Whole30 Fourth of July: a roundup of Whole30 compliant recipes from around the web

Nom Nom Paleo: Throw a Paleo Summer Shindig: a collection of her best crowd-friendly recipes

Popular Paleo: Paleo Grilling: a collection of 60 (!) paleo grilling recipes

Paleo Plan: 5 Failsafe Paleo Potluck Dishes: 5 delicious ideas

Fitwit: Awesome Summer Cookout Recipes: a roundup of great recipes from Stupid Easy Paleo, Cook Eat Paleo, Paleo Plan, Nom Nom Paleo, and more

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  • M says:

    Thanks for all these great ideas! I’ll be entering your chocolate chili in this year’s cookoff at work!

  • Suzanne says:

    Goodmorning, Melissa! I made your chocolate chili last night and oh, yum! I’ll make this a lot! I also seasoned up a pork butt last night to smoke today. Just had to say thank you and I’m happy to begin my culinary adventures with your assistance. Delicious journey!