I Went Running Today

Even when I did it all the time, I never became a very fast runner. But man! I loved running. Even when I hated running, I loved running.

Just the shoes, the trail, some music, the rhythm of my breathing, and that feeling of being free. You can’t catch me! La la la…

I used to play games on the trail around the lake. I’d pick someone up ahead and see if I could pass them. Or I’d pretend I was on a secret mission. Or, sometimes, I’d just listen to “Tom Sawyer” then listen to it again (and again) because it sounded that good.

Today, for the first time in far too long, I didn’t think about what I used to be able to do. And I didn’t worry that I’d never run faster than how fast I ran today.

I just ran.

And, truth be told, I walked a fair amount, too. But I ran.

And yes, I did my bio-feedback testing every few intervals to make sure it was OK to keep running. And I kept an eye on my heart rate monitor. And I took walk breaks that were longer than my running intervals. And no, I didn’t draw an imaginary bulls-eye on anyone’s back and accelerate to try to pass them.

But I went running today.

And when I was almost all the way around the 3-mile loop, just past Turtle Cove but not yet at my favorite uphill, my heart felt funny-in-a-good-way, and I realized what it was.




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