Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods Giveaway

Just as there are comfort foods, there are “comfort people.”

You know the ones I mean: They’re fun and funny, warm and supportive, smart without being too intellectual, and you know that when you spend time with them, you’re going to feel good about the world. It’s fitting that Charles and Julie Mayfield have made a name for themselves with paleo comfort food, because they definitely fall into the “comfort people” category.

They just released their follow-up to Paleo Comfort Foods — which came out in 2011, right around the same time that Well Fed hit the shelves, so I feel like we’ve kind of gone through this whole cookbook thing together. Their new book is called Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods, and it looks like another winner.

A real review of a cookbook means testing at least 3-5 recipes from the book; what follows is not a real review of Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods because I am up to my eyeballs in The Artist’s Way, my world history class, trying to keep my commitment to meditate, and, of course, stuffing supplements down my gullet. But I’ve eaten Charles and Julie’s food before — it is damn tasty! — so I feel confident giving their book my stamp of approval. Plus, the natural sweetness of these two people comes through every page of their cookbook. They’ve also posted a few sample recipes on their blog here, here, and here, so you can try them out!


The Lowdown

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods
by Julie and Charles Mayfield of Paleo Comfort Foods fame

What It’s All About
This book is packed with simple-to-make dishes that taste like home… if your home is in dream-land and is a combo of a neighborhood bistro mashed up with a kitchen run by a sweet grandmother who knows how to cook all of your favorite foods. From jalapeño poppers to almond-crusted pork tenderloin, paella to molasses ginger cookies, there are recipes for every part of the day and every part of a satisfying meal. How about some fried chicken tenders?

And unlike someone we all know very well, (ahem… me), Charles and Julie aren’t sticks in the mud about treats, so there are a handful of delicious, but not overly indulgent treats, including plantains coated in coconut and Island Balls (balls!), both of which I’ll be making as soon as I’m finished with my annoying elimination diet. I should mention that the treats included in the book don’t go overboard on sweeteners, so I feel like the mud in which my stick is stuck is less sticky than usual.

Defining Quote from the Book

“While we absolutely believe in slow cookers, braising things in the oven and smoking something on the grill for hours on end when you have time, this book is all about minimizing your time cooking and planning, while maximizing your health and filling your family with great-tasting food.”

What’s Inside

The recipes are organized by category: Starters and Snacks; Soups, Stews and Salads; Main Dishes; Sides and Sauces; and Sweets and Treats. I found something in each section that I want to make. Here’s the menu for my imaginary dinner party:

Starts and Snacks: Bacon Jam with Herb Crackers
Soups, Stews and Salads: Arugula Pancetta Salad
Main Dishes: Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
Sides and Sauces: Sautéed Mushrooms
Sweets and Treats: Island Balls (balls!)

Sounds great, right?! We should totally have a dinner party at my house tonight with this menu. I’ll go take a shower and put on my LBD; you guys can start cooking. My knife is sharp…


Win a Copy of Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

One lucky random winner will receive a copy of Charlies and Julie’s new book. It’s easy to enter…

To Enter: Leave a note in comments on this blog post and tell us what your favorite comfort food is… paleo or non-paleo — we won’t judge!

Deadline: Midnight on Monday, September 30. I’ll pick a random winner on Tuesday and announce it here. WOOT!

Why wait for fate?! Get your hands on a copy of Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods, like Julie and Charles on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

NOTE: You should know that I got a complimentary copy of Charles and Julie’s book, but my opinions are honest, and if you use the links above to buy a copy, I get a little kickback from Amazon.


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