Lunchbots: Review & Giveaway

Remember when this happened a few weeks ago?

Spilled soup

Yeah, me, too.

My beautiful Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup, not only on the floor but splashed under the laces of my sneakers. It was a container catastrophe.

But that doesn’t happen anymore because now I have these totally badass Lunchbots — and if you’re lucky (or smart… or both), so can you!

Hr brown

Why I’m Dumb & Lunchbots Are Smart

Until not too long ago, I didn’t give much thought to the containers into which I put my food. In hindsight, this was quite silly. There I was, buying grassed, pastured beef and expensive, high-quality eggs and organic kale which I cooked in coconut oil (never extra-virgin olive oil at high heat!), only to put it, willy-nilly, into cheap plastic containers. In my defense, my ratio of ‘knock containers out of the refrigerator and onto the floor’ to ‘successfully retrieve without incident’ was about 1:1. But ignoring the issues around BPA was probably not the wisest idea.

So I started paying attention, and I bought some BPA-free containers at IKEA. There were lots of ’em. And they were cheap. And they had cheerful green lids… that inconsiderately popped off at the first meeting of plastic container to tiled kitchen floor. (See Exhibit A above.)

Nom Nom Paleo has been singing the praises of Lunchbots for ages, and — as in all things — I should have taken her advice. Jackie from Lunchbots sent me a set of leak-proof containers, and it’s changed my world.

Lunchbots seem to be magical, but to get specific:
– they’re made from food-grade stainless steel so they can take foods both hot and cold
– the lids are sturdy, BPA-free plastic
– they’re virtually indestructible (as proven by my accidental, but repeated, bouncing of them on my tile floor)
– they’re reusable — seemingly forever (unlike plastic which gets discolored, pocked, stained, and misshapen)
– they’re dishwasher safe
– they’re lighter than glass and not fragile (Not fragile! Huge bonus.)

And perhaps, most importantly for me, thanks to the 4-sided, snap-on lid, these leak-proof models do not leak. At all. Ever.

What a relief!

Hr brown

Win A Medium Leak Proof Set

UPDATE: We have a winner! Thanks for playing along, everyone!

Thanks to Jackie’s generosity, we’re giving away a set of Medium Leak Proof containers — that’s two of these beautiful babies — to a lucky random winner. The set is valued at $34.99, and it’s the perfect size for a Vietnamese Salad, a pot of Golden Cauliflower Soup or Chocolate Chili, or a batch of Coconut-Almond Green Beans.

To Enter:
1. Like Lunchbots on Facebook
2. Follow me on Twitter (or let me know you already do)
3. Post to comments ONE TIME to let me know you did #1 and #2.

Deadline to enter: 11:59 p.m. Central on Sunday, December 9, 2012. I’ll randomly select a winner and announce the winner on Monday, December 10.

Restrictions: The drawing is open only to U.S. residents. I’m sorry, international friends! We’ll make it up to you somehow.

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Why leave your fate to luck? Get yourself some Lunchbots now! There are all kinds of options: insulated rounds, mini rounds, and adorable bento-type boxes with one, two, three, and four compartments. (For inspiration, take a gander at the Lunchbots Gallery. Redonk cuteness!)

Rounds black

Good luck and happy storage!

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