Gone To Mexico

I still find myself quite surprised to be typing these words, but here goes: Dave and I are off to a yoga retreat.

We’re going to the Maya Tulum Resort in Mexico with a crew from YogaYoga. My plan is to completely disconnect from the internet, so no blog, no email, no Twitter, no Facebook… just sun, sand, surf, Satnam, books, running, meditation, CrossFit workouts, and romance with my handsome husband. I’m hoping it will look a lot like this:

There’s a kundalini class offered every day! And we’re going to give vinyasa a try. There will also be some mild adventuring… perhaps some snorkeling so I can use my underwater camera and visit with the turtles, and we are definitely going to the Tulum ruins where we will swim on the most magical soft sand beach with the most ridiculously turquoise blue water.

I’ve cued up a bunch of fun blog posts to keep you company while I’m gone next week, and I’ll be back in the saddle on Monday, June 4. Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend — and take good care of yourselves while I’m gone!