Paris Dispatch – 10/22/11

We ran along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower this morning, and yes, it was as incredibly awesome magical amazing as it sounds like it would be. Cold air, gray skies, and around a corner, the Eiffel Tower peeking out of the mist. Yellow and orange leaves underfoot, little puffs of our breath dancing in front of our faces. C’est incroyable.

We’re heading out now to tromp around Montmartre and tonight, we have a reservation at Le 404, a Moroccan restaurant in the Marais. Ooh, la la…

Nothing Matters. Everything Matters.

I'm part of a casual writing group that meets once a month to share our writings on a particular topic. A few months ago, our...

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Paris Dispatch – 10/24/11

I'm both sad to have our holiday come to an end -- and eager to return to a routine that includes lots of meat and...

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