Strength Tuesday – 09/20/11

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I tackle the Strength Training Workout posted by Coach Wes every Tuesday at CrossFit Austin.

I’ve been doing a shit-ton of writing lately. And when I write for hours at a time, I disconnect from the real world in a way that’s hard to describe. When ti’s flowing, it’s among the best feelings ever and time disappears. But when I disengage from the computer, I feel wobbly and wired, almost like the sensation of drinking too much caffeine in an effort to stave off exhaustion. I didn’t imbibe any coffee, nor was I really exhausted, but I was… overwrought last night. And happy to be doing anything other than sitting at the dining table typing, I stayed up too late.

However, it paid off because except for the last three recipes, the text of Well Fed is finished. Also, I lifted heavy things this morning. Not too bad.

Strength WOD

3 sets:
10 back squat @ 60-70%, 95#
5 partner deadhang pullups

3 sets:
5 Romanian DL, 75#
10 pushups

3 sets:
10 reverse crunch (elbows to knees)
15 tic-tacs, 10# med ball

Um, 10 back squats is no walk in the park, even at only 65% and pullups… whatever. Totally on top of my nemesis list.

I’m still doing my physical therapy to rehab my right shoulder, so the pushups were veeeeeeeeerrrrry slow and uncomfortable, but not painful in the “I should really stop right now” way. The reverse crunches on the floor were supposed to mimic elbows-to-knees on the bar. My crunches were a totally accurate representation of the way I do elbows-to-knees because I couldn’t get the two body parts to touch on the damn floor, either.


Did you workout today? Tell us all about it, please.


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  • Walker says:

    Way to go on those squats today – especially when I was fawning all over your amazing hammies. I could have at least waited until the end of the set, ha.

  • Lauren {Stylized Existence} says:

    You are my hero! I could never get 10 back squat reps at #95!
    Today at Cincinnati Strength we had to find a max triple hang power clean in 15 minutes and then afterwards we had to do 6 heavy overhead KBS and 6 high jump burpees EMOM for 15 mins! It was tough but our class really pushed each other and majority of us made it through all 15 minutes =) happy Tuesday Melissa!

  • Tom R. says:

    10 back squats sucks, much less 3 sets at that number. Nice work.

    Today was “Jackie” then rest 5 minutes and 1 mile (my group really seems sold on the 1 mile run lately).

    Jackie – 8:42 (8 second PR)
    Mile – 7:20 (have been tired and didn’t want to push real hard)

    • Mel says:

      I had to look up Jackie. Um… that sounds terrible. 50 THRUSTERS! No, thank you. I must respectfully decline.

      1000 meter row
      45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
      30 pull-ups

      That’s a pretty great time you had. Holy cow!

      • Tom R. says:

        Jackie’s a good one. I don’t “like” her as much as Helen, Fran or Grace, but I like her. When your shoulder heals up, give it a shot. I bet you do better than you think.

  • De23 says:

    Today I did my first ever double unders in a WOD! It was only the first round of 12 and I switched to 48 singles for the other rounds, but hey, it’s progress! And today I also got just a smidgen of “I”m running!” instead of my usual “this…[pant]…is…[gasp]..horrible…[stop and walk].” The happy feeling only lasted about 30 seconds, but, hey, more progress!

    • Mel says:

      CONGRATULATIONS on your first double-unders! That is huge and definitely cause for celebration. Also, those running moments when it feels good are rare for most people, I think… love to savor those days!

  • Kelly says:

    I am nursing along a torn meniscus and what I think is a very lightly sprained ankle and preparing to move across the country in two weeks SO I NEEDED to workout…so I did tabata: KB swings, burpees, single arm KB snatches and sit ups.

  • 10 is soooooo many. At about 8, I start to lose hope. But I worked on depth. Wes only had to say, “Let’s get a little lower Jenny!” once or twice. That is also progress.

    • Mel says:

      Nice job on gettin’ low. YAY!

      I start to lose hope around #6, then think “just two more sets of 2″… and then, “Stop being such a baby and just finish them already!”

      10 is a lot.

  • heather says:

    Yeah I worked out! It was “lift heavy things” day via PFB. Since I’m a kettlebeller, I did used 2 35# bells and did 5 sets of:
    30 sec. farmers walk
    20 swings (not doubles)
    5 dbl. clean to press to front squat

    Then later, my daily 10 pull-ups. If you want pull-ups to seem less daunting, check out this blog I wrote a while back:

    Heavy day is my favorite! Thanks for sharing your workout.