Monday Tabata

My snatch skills took a sabbatical this morning, and my knees-to-elbows were more like “knees somewhere in the vicinity of my torso, sorta, when my hands aren’t slipping off the bar from the humidity.”

But… I fought for the lifts, got over my not insubstantial heebies about trying to jump on the box with plates in my hands (And really, what was I so worried about? By the third round, I was ready for heavier dumbbells) and was breathless during the tabatas. I’ll take it!

5 rounds:
2 snatches – 40#, 45#, 45#, 50#,50#
rest 3:00

3 rounds:
8 snatch Romanian deadlifts @ 3220* – 50#
rest 1:00
8 weighted box jumps – 20″, 10#
rest 1:00
*3220 = 3 seconds down, hold for 2 seconds, stand up for 2 seconds

Tabata: Burpees
Tabata: Knees to elbows 
My reps:
Burpees = 49
Knees to elbows = 54

For Fun
30-second handstand hold

My first four rounds of burpees, I got seven each round – yay! – but my pace dropped off  during the last four rounds. Oh, tabata! How I lohavete you.

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  • Marcos Torres says:

    Haha woah your Tabatas are far more advanced than my Jump Rope ones of 20 seconds on 10 off 4 minutes. lol