I Won’t Sit Down. I Won’t Shut Up.

I’m back at the Corporate Overlords’ today, and I’d say I’m at about 80%… which means I’m a bit overwhelmed by life. I’m feeling every one of my 42 years today. And while I often feel grateful for the many lessons life has taught me, the weight of them feels heavy today. I think that’s what’s so lovely about barbells: I know they’re going to be heavy… I know what I lifted last time… and sometimes, I find that extra strength to move more than I thought I could. Life lessons? Their weight is variable and unpredictable.

Anyway… it seems posting daily nutrition info might be compromised by my need to do a whole bunch of actual work at my dayjob. And thanks to the virus I entertained in my host body this weekend, the likelihood that I’ll be able to finish all of the Circle of Awesomeness Challenge tests before the deadline is quite slim. Also, my gray roots desperately need to be dyed… I have a fridge full of uncooked vegetables because I didn’t cook or eat all weekend and our new CSA delivery comes tomorrow… and I could really use a pedicure.

Now seems like an excellent time engage my internal defiance, so you and I are going to listen to this song together. Ready? GO!

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