Fran = Lame | Clean = Awesome

Last night, I woke up to visit the bathroom around 12:30 a.m., and as I staggered back to bed, trying to keep my eyes closed, chanting to myself, You’re still asleep. You’re not awake. Don’t wake up. You’re still asleep, Dave held out his iPhone and said, “Our workout tomorrow is Fran.”

For the next five hours, I dreamt of that witch composed of thrusters, pullups, and pure evil.

Last time I did Fran – which was my first time ever – she punched me in the nose. I think she resented that I scaled down to 50#.

This time, CrossFit Austin provided prescribed scaling options, so my Fran looked like this:

thrusters, 45#
pullups, blue band

I would’ve liked to go heavier on the thrusters, based on my recent thrusterictories (thruster + victory… duh) recounted in detail here and here. But Coach Wes and Coach Tristy are the boss of me in the box.

So, um, yeah… I went five pounds lighter this time on the thrusters and whoa! 37 seconds SLOWER.

Ouch. That hurts more than a barbell to the nose!

Let’s move on to happier topics: my 1RM clean.


It’s now 90#.

Up 10# from October.

Can I get a what-what?!

I’m, like, stupid happy about that.

Suck it, Fran.

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  • Matt F says:

    "You're still asleep. You're not awake. Don't wake up. You're still asleep." I do this all the time. But if my Sweetie stuck her phone in my face to tell me what the WOD was, she would be minus a phone. LOL!

  • kel says:

    I had a similar nightmare last night, except mine involved breaking a toe doing box jumps. Every. Time.

    Congrats on the 10# add! That's awesome!

  • AllieNic says:

    Congrats on the PR! Getting stronger is awesome, isn't it?

    I've been putting off thrusters since I hit myself in the face…maybe today I'll get back on the horse…

  • The Wells Family says:

    WOOHOO on the PR!

    You'll get Fran next time!

  • jeanyemercer says:

    Here's your "what-what?! You continue to inspire!

  • Kaysie says:

    Nice work on the clean!!! You are SO hitting triple digits soon! =)
    Fran's a bitch.

  • jeanyemercer says:

    BTW – Your new picture is GORGEOUS!

  • jlautry says:

    I had a similar experience with my workout yesterday. I wanted to wimp out on my push press…but I didn't! 🙂

    Hey…I made a recipe of yours Sunday and I was about to write about it but now I cannot find it for the life of me!! It was a recipe with apples, bacon and chard….do you know which one I am talking about? I always like to reference back to where I got the recipe and I just cannot find it!

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Matt F –> I think Dave was overcome with the awfulness of the idea of Fran! And lucky for me, my chanting worked: right back to sleep.

    kel –> OUCH! I think box jumps and Fran are two of the major CrossFit tormenters. It took me what felt like FOREVER to get over being afraid of box jumps… and I've been at 22" for a long time because I'm a little scared of a shin crash into the 24".

    AllieNic –> Thursters. 'Grrrr' is pretty much all I have to say about them 🙂

    The Wells Family –> Thank you! And yes, Fran and I will meet again many times, I'm sure.

    jeanyemercer –> Thanks-thanks! XO

    Kaysie –> I would love to press 100# like it was made of feathers. How fun would that be?!

    jeanyemercer –> Thank you so much! It was taken in Prague on one of my favorite days of our vacation. It was just a heavenly, fun day.

    jlautry –> I don't have a recipe with apples, bacon, and chard… sorry! Maybe Tom's blog?