Paleo On The Go

I’m on Day 19 of my Whole70, and I’m feeling Good. But I’m also feeling really out of patience with being in the kitchen. So much chopping and sautéeing and thinking about food and shopping for food… good heavens to Betsy Ross! I love eating clean, but I am SO envious of the people who can pick up the phone or wander into a restaurant and soon find themselves eating food PREPARED BY SOMEONE ELSE.

If you’re weary of the kitchen dance, PaleoGoGo might be for you.

Currently available for iPhone and iPad – and coming soon to Android – PaleoGoGo serves up 2000+ paleo(ish) meal recommendations on the go, along with safe suggestions from the menus of more than 300 chain restaurants. Plus, it’s super cute. See?

Here’s an example recommendation from California Pizza Kitchen. (Seriously… if the California Pizza Kitchen was my only dining option, I would be crying my face off. But this makes it seem potentially not so bad.)

Onions 101

Last summer, I told Farmer Chuck — the king of everything delicious at our CSA Sunrise Farm — that the onions we'd been getting in our basket were...

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Coconut 101

I was working on updating a classic American recipe for my Paleo Magazine column this weekend and realized I had no idea how to properly prepare...

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  • Christie says:

    OMG – I WANT! Thanks for sharing this Mel 🙂 I can't wait till it makes it to the Android Market!

  • Brittany says:

    Agreed and agreed! I feel GREAT, look better than maybe ever, have awesome energy, but I'm kinda chained to my kitchen. SO much chopping and planning and reheating and staying home. I think my friends miss me!

    I'm downloading this for my iPhone, ASAP. Cheers!

  • slowmiles says:

    Can't wait for this to hit the android!

  • Camilla says:

    I love it! As soon as it hits Droid, I'm all over it 🙂

  • jlautry says:

    I've thought about buying this app. I wouldn't recommend it for new-to-Paleo'ers though from the reviews. Many of the reviews say that they suggest items with butter, sour cream, etc. BUT I plan on purchasing and trying it out anyway!! 🙂

    Also, I didn't know if you knew but I met you at the W9 Workshop in Houston. I was in Austin for business a few days that next week and almost stopped in for a workout at one of the Austin CF's. I thought…maybe I'll run into Melissa! But…alas…never had a chance to get my CF on in Austin… :-\

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Hey, Jennilee! DEFINITELY come to CrossFit Austin next time… it would be so much fun to workout together!

    And yeah, since posting this, I've heard that the app doesn't have awesome reviews. I was disappointed about the inclusion of dairy, but the description does say "paleo(ish)." As always, we picky (and smart) eaters have to be vigilant.

  • jlautry says:

    Well, its kind of like that couple that let their GPS lead them deep into the wilderness to get lost for 3 days in the mountains and snow. Just because the GPS (or app) says its okay, does not necessarily mean its okay! Still have to use our brains… 😀